Malvertising Troublemaker

This is cool! All of my malvertising tweets were turned into a music vid to Weezer’s Troublemaker.

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Train Surfer Supernovas

Some dumbass climbed atop a train for some good ol’ train surfin’ and he caught fire when he was electrocuted. This from TomoNews:

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Cars Need Teeth

Hanging out in Key West this week and saw this car parked next to the harbor at the sunset festival. I don’t know who does the dental work but it’s fabulous!

Deadly Global Warming

It’s mid November. The entire North American continent has temps below freezing. And that cold is killing people. If Global Warming was real, wouldn’t it save lives? From USNews here: A ferocious storm dumped...

Obamacare is Racist

One man won the twitters last week when he lobbed a loaded softball question at an HHS drone who tried to promote Obamacare on social media. To liberals, requiring an ID to vote is...

Killing it With Invincea

Work has been taking up quite a bit of time lately, so blogging has been slow. But pointing out malvertising, trojans and general cyber attacks is pretty thrilling. If you haven’t been following my...


NSFW: Gay guy in Brazil shoves a 3-foot Mudfish in his mudhole. And, medical privacy laws in Brazil must not exist.

Hippies Ruin the Gingerbread Man

Stupid vegan hippie doofuses have to ruin everything. Gender-neutral gingerfolk because rape culture. Is it gluten free? I’m surprised they are actually charging money for them, the greedy capitalists! A gluten-free, gender-less Gingerbread figure. #Best2014HalloweenCostumes...