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Sony Pulls the Interview

The Sony Hack is now the most successful cyber attack ever. The hackers are essentially now running Sony, and have forced Sony to cancel the opening of the Interview, a crappy movie starring Pineapple...

Gator Fight At the Men’s Tee

No, these guys do NOT want to come back and play this hole or just hit from the Ladies’ tee. Keepin’ it real on the Florida Golf Courses. I don’t think either of these...

Keepin’ It Real: Shovel Street Fight

Hey, this clip isn’t racist since it was animated by the Taiwanese! A bunch of street hoods have a brawl, heads get whacked with a shovel, and the fight breaks up when the cops cruise into view.

I think the fight was because snitches get stitches.

New Black Friday Tradition

For years we spent the day after Thanksgiving in Reston Town Center watching Santa and Mrs. Claus stop by and light the big Christmas tree. This was our first Black Friday outside of Reston...

Dog Park Hump Day

I was hanging out with the sheepdog at the dog park and watched her play with a four-month-old bulldog puppy. The big sheepdog is very gentle and everyone was having a blast until the pug jumped in to get all humpy.

Spiral Climb

Got to explore the Key West lighthouse this afternoon. The narrow spiral staircase is 88 steps to the lookout platform above.

Cars Need Teeth

Hanging out in Key West this week and saw this car parked next to the harbor at the sunset festival. I don’t know who does the dental work but it’s fabulous!

Deadly Global Warming

It’s mid November. The entire North American continent has temps below freezing. And that cold is killing people. If Global Warming was real, wouldn’t it save lives? From USNews here: A ferocious storm dumped...

Obamacare is Racist

One man won the twitters last week when he lobbed a loaded softball question at an HHS drone who tried to promote Obamacare on social media. To liberals, requiring an ID to vote is...