DOJ Says Democrats Running Baltimore Sure Are Racist

Baltimore is a city that has been run by Democrats for decades. Democrat policies are reflected in the Police Department according to the scathing reports by the DOJ following...

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The future of AV? Or WTH Did I Just Watch?

Just gonna leave this one right here. @timstrazz the future of anti-virus (are these guys hiring?) — Caleb Fenton (@caleb_fenton) April 24, 2016

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Layoffs at Fireeye

Remember when Fireeye purchased Mandiant for a whopping Billion dollars? Everyone said they were crazy, including me. Crazy or...

Got the TShirt

I love the Netflix series Stranger Things. And this TShirt that riffs off the old Dungeons and Dragons players...

Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass

This was seen on a hashtag for #InternationalOffendAFeministDay and I gotta admit, it had me LOLing. Sick Burns! #InternationalOffendAFeministDay