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  1. Hey dip shit, what are you some kind of a pussy. Why are you afraid to meet with me. Did you hear I bench over three hundred, was a wrestler and one of the best football players in Pa. Did someone tell you. Is that why you are afraid to meet me. I am going to hire some people to find you. It won’t take that long. I will fly to where ever you are. I can’t wait to see your ugly face. You are in deep shit! You think this is some kind of a joke. I am going out of business after seventeen years because of you. I have nothing to lose now. I know right now your laughing, thinking I’ll never find you. But you can be tracked down through the internet. I talked to a guy today that said he can find your address for about $200,00, It will be well worth it to finally even the score. You started this. I never did one thing to you in my entire life. I have never even met you. I am going to get your ass for what you did. I am not fucking playing games with your ass anymore!

  2. I think you are losing money because as Steve Triola, who has the clown alias of Downtown Clown, and operates out of the Los Angeles area, you have repeatedly shown that you are threatening, abusive, and no one wants someone like you around their children.

    By continually posting here, you have elevated this site to the premier background check site on the internet for both your real name and your clown name. This is all your doing, and it shows that you are a neanderthal who threatens strangers and their families with major crimes. Stalking, threats of assault or worse.

    And since you are in Los Angeles, maybe I should have the LAPD show up to one of your children’s parties to interview you about the threats of violence you have directed at this family.

    For anyone else worried about hiring an angry, hateful clown, its this guy:

  3. You are out of your mind. You started this whole thing. You put a video of me under a headline Downtown Clown jailed for kiddie porn. Anyone who see’s that thinks I’m the one who was jailed. I have never done one thing to you my entire life. You have never even met me. I asked you politely to take it down because I was not that person. You emailed me and said, I don’t care I want to put all clowns out of business. And you wonder why I’m mad. If someone did that to you, you would freak out! Then you attacked me because you don’t like people who entertain kids for a living. Please call the police, then my lawyer and I can find you and take you to court. Don’t make threats, do it. By the way asshole the LAPD is one of my best clients. They hire me for all their events! I will be at the Christmas party again this year that they have for underprivileged children. Children that you call their homes ghetto’s. Do you know I also work at Ronald McDonald house, they help families with sick children. I also entertain children that are HIV positive. I entertain hundreds of kids for free. As a matter of fact I have already showed the police department what you have done. They said it is horrible, and gave me advice on how to find you. Every person that see’s your ad and what your doing to me, agrees with me. Just read the comments. I saw what Mom wrote. You are in the wrong, and it is going to come back to haunt you. There is not a single person on the planet that would side with you. Please call the LABD, show them everything I have said to you. I have nothing to hide. I have every right to want to find you and let justice come crashing down on your sick, scared, Nazi world. You racist animal. I have hundreds of letters from people thanking me for my service. The thing people love about me the most is that I am so good with kids. I have them laughing their heads off for hours. You could never do my job. You are the one angry, you are the one with the hate problem. I will be glad to show you all of the letters I have from people if you will just meet with me. Stop talking shit and take action, lets get together, what are you afraid of. Lets do this. Everything you need to know about me is on my website. Phone number, address, email, I have nothing to hide. But you keep on hiding. Your getting scared to, I can tell. You know I’m close to finding out where you are. It can be done. To have a website you have to give up your address. It’s just a matter of time. I used to live in DC by the way. I was stationed there when I was in the military. I would bet your friends, if you have any. Have said to you, why don’t you just take that down, that’s not cool, man. But maybe not, being that your a sick racist Nazi, your friends might be to. I can’t imagine any decent person wanting anything to do with you. So when do you want to meet. I will even pay for your airline ticket to come here if you want.

  4. How can a broke clown afford an airline ticket? Asking for a friend. By the way, have you googled your own name of Steve Triola and downtown clown? My site shows who you really are through your own words. I wonder why no one wants to hire a psychotic clown? I’d order “Shakes the Clown” before hiring downsytown clown any day!

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