The Site:
BelchSpeak focuses on Cyber Issues, politics, stupid people, humor, and how the followers of the “Religion of Peace” are hateful and intolerant.

The Author:
Dr Jones owns Belch.Com.  He is a cyber-security expert and lives just outside the beltway in Washington DC.  He has worked for the government’s Department of Homeland Security in the cyber division, and has worked at the State Department, the DoD, the FDIC and several private companies, both large and small.

Jones used to be a welder until he smartened up and got a better job.  He worked for five years helping build Aircraft Carriers and LA Class Nuke subs for the Navy. 

If you are in the DC region and you are driving around and see some asshole in a yellow Chevy SSR riding your rear bumper, be sure to wave. Its him!

Chevy SSR

Here’s my legal notice.

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