Pot Zombie Attacks Florida Family

Another pot zombie was recently captured by the cops. At least no one was seriously hurt, unless you count the pot zombie himself, who was tazed by the cops. Greg Bruni got high on something, crawled atop the roof of a neighbor, attacked him, jerked off in front of him, rubbed his naked body on the clothes in the bedroom, and barely avoided getting shot by the homeowner.


From DailyMail here:

A Florida homeowner’s desperate 911 call reveals the moment a naked home invader broke into his family’s home before pleasuring himself on the floor and defecating throughout the house.

‘He dropped off my roof and ran right into my house!’ the terrified owner told police dispatch in North Fort Myers. ‘I don’t know who the Hell he is – he’s naked and he’s running in my damn house!’

Gregory Matthew Bruni, 21, of Venice was Tasered into submission by police on Monday night after he stormed the home after first dropping onto the homeowner from its rooftop. Bruni allegedly next ran inside the home where the victim left his wife before pulling a 72-inch television off the wall, breaking it on the living room floor. Bruni then allegedly grabbed a wet/dry vacuum cleaner and emptied its liquid contents on the floor. Officers say he later sucked it up in his mouth.

At this moment the husband told his wife to grab a gun from a back room. When she returned she fired three shots from a .38 caliber revolver at Bruni but missed, hitting a wall instead. Possibly reacting to the shots, Bruni fell to the ground of their living room but began pleasuring himself instead of cowering.

Police say Bruni destroyed a TV and defecated in two areas of the home before they were able to apprehend him

Bruni next ran into the victim’s son’s bedroom according to the victim where he started rubbing his face into articles of clothing he found.

The homeowner then grabbed a shotgun from the master bedroom and used it to hold Bruni until police arrived.

He tried to escape police several times prompting officers to use a Taser on him to get him under control.
He was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital where doctors were unable to immediately identify ‘what Bruni was on,’

Even money says its bath salts again. The homeowner should have shot him with his shotgun.

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