Single Moms Are Competitive

Especially the newly-pregnant ones when they fight over a dollar. In Wisconsin two strippers, one of them pregnant, fought over a dollar from a customer. Sounds like the best entertainment ever for a sawbuck.


From PortCrescent here:

Two dancers on stage at an exotic dance club in Juneau got into a physical fight over $1, according to a Dodge County Sheriff’s Department report.

Officers were called to Silk Exotic around 9:30 p.m. Thursday to break up the fight.

A customer was trying to give a dollar to one of the dancers, but the other dancer took it, according to the report.

Both women fell to the floor, pulled each other’s hair and punched and slapped each other. Other dancers and customers separated the women.

One of the dancers involved in the fight is pregnant. Both women were cited for disorderly conduct.

Strippers are sad, desperate people. Making them fight over a dollar is certainly much more entertaining than making homeless riffraff fight over a dollar. I guarantee you someone’s weave got damaged and there were several micro-explosions of glitter whenever one of these bimbos got slapped.

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