Lesbian Hate Crimes Wife; An Hero’s Self, Family Tradition Bonus

Dallas Kristin Augustine, 32, a manly-looking lesbian was married to a hotter looking older lady of 50 named Jessie McCaskill. But she still liked to trawl the lesbian bars and was hooking up with another woman. When McCaskill found out how trampy her herman-munster-looking lifeparter was, she kicked Augustine out of the house, burned the wedding photos and posted Augustine’s confession on Facebook in lulzy triumph. Augustine killed McCaskill in what is assuredly a hate crime and then shot herself in the face, barely improving her looks. As a bonus, this was just a family tradition since Augustine’s Dad killed his wife too.

Dallas Augustine, right, ragequits her lesbian relationship after she cheats on her "wife"

Dallas Augustine, right, ragequits her lesbian relationship after she cheats on her “wife”

From the DailyMail here:

Dallas Kristin Augustine, 32, carried on a relationship with a woman she met at a bar months before killing Jessie McCaskill, 50, at their home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Augustine was the daughter of Kathy Augustine who died in 2006. Augustine’s stepfather, Chaz Higgs, was later convicted of murdering Kathy Augustine by injecting her with a paralytic drug.

Friends and family told investigators that the affair resulted in the ‘other woman’ trying to blackmail Augustine, under threat of revealing the affair. McCaskill kicked her wife out of their house after she revealed the affair and expressed suicidal thoughts. While Augustine stayed at a hotel for a short time, McCaskill burned their wedding photos.

Augustine wrote a confession about the affair that McCaskill later posted on Facebook for all of their friends to see. The couple had been together for about six years and had gotten married in California, but they had disputes in the months leading up to the murder-suicide. Then, shortly before the murder-suicide, they reunited in hopes of working things out, but their problems persisted.

Officers who were called August 27 to perform a welfare check at the home shared by Augustine and McCaskill discovered their bodies near the front door, with a handgun between them.

It is clear that Obama needs to put forth an effort to keep guns out of the hands of ugly, angry lesbians. If it would save just one life, he has a duty to do so.

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10 comments on “Lesbian Hate Crimes Wife; An Hero’s Self, Family Tradition Bonus
  1. Why would you write such horrible things about a person? Nobody knows for sure what happened between Dallas and Jessie that day. No matter what really happened, Dallas was a very good friend to me. Dallas treated me with kindness and respect and a gentle heart when the rest of the world was cruel. She constantly reminded me that I was a beautiful person inside, regardless of what people see on the outside, and that I was a soul worth knowing. For her kindness, I was a better person. I love her very much and miss her terribly. One thing I know is that Dallas’ life was full of heartache, moreso than anyone I have ever known in my life. Even such, she always had a smile to give and words of encouragement for people suffering. As well, she LOVED Jessie with all her heart. It’s not anyone’s place to speak about their relationship and it’s weaknesses, as we all have them and nobody is perfect. How dare you speak of her that way. Obviously, you never knew her. Dallas endured such painful life experiences, ones that most of us could not survive, and I believe that Jessie was all that Dallas lived for. The thought of losing the only person left on earth that she loved must have been more than she could take, but again, nobody knows exactly what happened that day. I never knew Jessie, but from what I have been told, she was a wonderful, loving and giving soul. It’s hard to imagine if you didn’t know her, but Dallas was too. How dare you speak that way about her. Shame on you. How hateful.

  2. Wow such touching words for a psychopathic murderer! Liberals such as yourself always go around refusing to judge anyone’s behavior and love to bully people into silence with words such as “how dare you talk” about a murderer’s behavior. If you refuse to use your own brain to assess the behavior as right versus wrong, including her life decisions which led to the murder it is you who should be pitied. Sorry you lost a friend, but maybe you could have done more to prevent this tragedy instead of standing silently by on your self-righteous nonjudgemental moral high ground? I hope your decisions to not judge this person’s wicked behavior brings you great comfort in your friend’s eternal absence.

  3. Connie,

    We are currently producing a show for the Investigation Discovery Channel on the Dallas Augustine/Jessie McCaskill case. We would love to chat with you about Dallas and Jessie could you please contact me at your convenience? My email is acrayle@sirensmedia.com and my office number is 301-244-3242.

    Thank you for your time and consideration

    Angelia Crayle

  4. This author made no attempt to hide his/her hatred for lesbian couples so anything written is highly suspect. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. May both RIP.

  5. WOW “Dr. Jones” exactly where did you get the few “facts” that you stated ? You know the couple of incorrect statements you made outside of your clear intimidation, hatred and jealousy of a “herman-munster-looking” lesbian that could partner with that hotter looking woman that most likely wouldn’t have spit on you if you were on fire. Pathetic I say!

  6. I knew them both, we were very close for a long time. I was there from the beginning and knew Jessie prior to Dallas. Their relationship was like Vinegar and Oil. they were good together at most times, but when they fought it was like an explosion happened it was really bad. Both of them where very stubborn. I saw a different light then your article and perhaps if you spent some time talking to people who actually knew them, it probably wouldn’t come off so harsh, mean and judgemental. Describing Dallas as a “Herman Munster look a like” is far from the truth…. she turned heads with every lesbian that was in the bar including Jessie. Jessie pursued her and was very much into all Dallas. Jessie left her previous lesbian marriage of over 12 yrs to be w Dallas. One thing that I keep seeing is that no one ever mentions that they had an open relationship…. they both had affairs and it was ok. The problem became when Dallas hid some of the relationships and was not approved by Jessie. Especially for the woman were younger and very attractive. I just know it was a tragedy for all involved. There are facts that your wrong on. It wasn’t Dallas’s father who killed her mother. Dallas’s bio father abandon Dallas when she was a baby, her step father adopted Dallas when she was like 5 yrs old. Her Step Father died and 3 weeks later is when Kathy married Chaz Higgs. Dallas barely knew Chaz, but Chaz always knew all assets would go to Dallas if Kathy ever died. Money was not a motive there. Its so frustrating when I see misinformation on these cases that I know abt. If you really want to be a journalist, take your time, talk to people who know the victims and the facts, stick w facts and keep out your own personal feelings. if you have issues w one of the victims, perhaps you should keep your personal feelings to yourself. STICK W FACTS! Talking abt Liberal agenda: your the one that put in there that Obama needs to control guns. I agree W Connie 100% that you came across as a mean person w some underlining issues.

  7. Jane, thanks for the great reply shedding some light on this old story. Details like these is just what a story based solely from a news article needs. Yeah, the oil and vinegar dynamics seems pretty obvious in retrospect, and as a red-blooded American male, the photos I’ve seen of Dallas are just hideous and ghastly. But when is it ever okay in any marriage to openly have affairs? Gay or straight, that is a sure sign of conflict and failure. Open-mindedness is often code for foolishness, and it was foolishness like this that led to this awful end to a tumultuous life. Thanks for chiming in!

  8. Jane is mistaken on some facts. I am Jessie’s sister and knew her better than anyone. They did NOT have an open marriage and Jessie was devastated by the one affair of Dallas’s she discovered. She never cheated on Dallas, though she considered it as revenge after she found out about Dallas’s infidelity. Also, Dallas pursued Jessie relentlessly, not the other way around, though Jessie was flattered by the attention. Also, the facts about my sister’s previous marriage are not only misleading, they are irrelevant.

    The mean-spirited comments about my sister’s murderer in the post don’t bother me as much as the misinformation from someone who supposedly knew her. This is a blog, not a news site, so the author’s bias is excused. Dallas was a monster who murdered my sister rather than let her leave.

    As for the Investigation Discovery, you can see here what I think about their “documentary.” http://www.xojane.com/it-happened-to-me/reality-tv-murder-investigation-discovery

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