The Left Forgets Chelsea Manning Allowed Wikileaks to Defeat Hillary

The most famous gay soldier to ever betray America is worshipped as a demigod by the left. Bradley Manning was convicted and later pardoned by Obama for aiding the enemy in a time of war by leaking top secret data to Wikileaks. At the time Manning was hailed as a hero by the left. Manning then elevated his hero worship to demigod status by getting his wiener chopped off and changing his name to Chelsea. He continues to thrive on this leftist adulation today in the Trump era as somehow embodying the spirit of “The Resistance.”

But the left forgets that Manning was the sole person that helped elevate Assange and Wikileaks to international prominence. Assange later used his powerful platform to expose Hillary Clinton’s campaign and John Podesta’s emails as fraudulently pushing out Bernie Sanders as a viable candidate for the Presidency of the US. And now we have the Russiagate conspiracy.

So how can leftists logically square in their minds that Bradley Manning is a demigod whilst ignoring his imapct on Trump’s election? The truth is they don’t. They refuse to allow those two disparate thoughts to collide because it would cause a mental whiplash. Assange was once a hero because of a traitorous transexual, and now a villain because of the Podesta email leaks.

From the examiner lined in the tweet above:

Still, the Left’s reaction to #ManninginVogue is hypocritical for another reason. While they now rightly attack Russian intelligence operations against the United States, they conveniently forget who Manning actually leaked to.

It was WikiLeaks, that favorite cutout intermediary of the Russian intelligence services.

Manning was a deeply troubled kid when he joined the military. Perhaps he did do enough time in prison. And he did the world a favor by ending his genetic line with his surgery. But anyone who says he is a hero while blasting Wikileaks for influencing Hillary’s defeat in 2016 is a moron.

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