The Kurgan Versus Church of Scientology

FoxNews and the LATimes reported that a bald guy with tattoos charged the Co$ Celebrity Center in Hollywood armed with two swords. The security guards shot the guy in the face, because there can be only one, and this guy wasn’t it.

I suspect that the guy was a broke out of work actor/action star who was pissed off after losing all his money to the organization to “audit” him and remove his thetans.  FoxNews says here:

A security guard shot and killed a man wielding two Samurai swords Sunday on the grounds of a Scientology building in Hollywood.  The unidentified man approached three guards around noon in the parking lot of the Scientology Celebrity Centre.

The man was “close enough to hurt them” when one of the guards shot him. Detectives were questioning the guard to figure out the swordsman’s motive and determine whether the shooting was justified.  Surveillance tape showed the man arriving at the center’s parking lot in a red convertible, then approaching the guards with a sword in each hand.

Who says ninjas are smart?  You don’t show up in a red convertible in broad daylight.  You show up in the dark of night and use smoke bombs and sleeping potions, duh!

LATimes has a description of the disgruntled former Co$ member here:

He said the man in his 40s, was involved with the church “a long time ago.”

He stopped the car abruptly in the driveway and climbed out with a 5-foot sword in his hand and an angry expression on his face.  He was bald and had tattoos on his arms, walked toward the building, then returned to the car to get the other sword.

Update!  The epic swordsman is revealed to be Mario Majorski, who used to be very deep into scientology. 

He doesn’t look like the Kurgan, but he definitely looks like a brainwashing victim.  Tsk tsk.  If anyone needed to see a psychiatrist, it was probably this guy.  I guess the tech just doesn’t work.

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