Danish Submarine Builder And His Very Bad Day

A rich Danish dude who thought he was Captain Nemo lured a pretty reporter onto his totes awesome submarine for an “interview” at sea. Pretty much everyone now thinks he straight-up murdered the reporter, scuttled his sub, and is now pretending he has no idea how the reporter’s headless body washed ashore in Denmark.

I remember when rich dudes tried to get chicks to pay attention to them by getting a hot sports car. But Peter Madsen thinks that trick is for pussies, so he built his own submarine and called it the Nautilus, totally ripping off 40,000 leagues. When Madsen is not busy killing reporters he seems to be swindling investors to build his own manned spacecraft according to his Wikipedia article. Madsen’s no Elon Musk and Denmark aint no place for rocketships.

No one knows what happened on that sub, but you can put two and two together. He got handsy with the reporter while showing her his “periscope”, she turned him down, he got mad, rage murdered her and tried to shoot her body out of his torpedo tubes. Blood everywhere so he panicked and scuttled his stupid submarine and lied to the cops about what happened. He told the cops that he “buried her at sea” cuz as a boat captain, even in sight of land, you get certain rights like marrying people and deciding who gets buried at sea. What a scumbag.


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