Bloody Socks

I’m on my way back from a long week in Oxford UK spending time with my new team. Can’t wait to get home, but thought I’d share this story about the trip over.

The flight out from Orlando to London was full of sunburned Brits and whiny kids making their way home from Disney. And there’s one big cultural difference between Americans and Brits when it comes to flying habits. They take off their shoes on the plane. Most Americans don’t and will go out of their way to paint those that do as monsters on twitter along with photos of hairy toes.

On British Airways they provide complimentary socks so I blame this awful cultural difference on the airline. We get on board and off come the shoes. Yuck.

After takeoff the stewardess comes by and I get a Bloody Mary. I take three sips and manage to knock it over. It dumps right into the middle of the aisle. I can’t clean it up and the stewardess was too busy with beverage service to assist.

Then a British passenger comes back from first class to use the loo and he splashes right through the red puddle in his sock feet. As stoic as Brits are, he refused to show his discomfort on his face as he trailed Bloody Mary footprints down the aisle. He never said a word.

I died laughing inside feeling a little guilty but also enjoying the justice. I’m boarding the return flight now. Let’s see if they have bloody marys on the menu.

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