Liberals Selling ReUsable Toilet Paper on Etsy

Filed under EEEWWWWW.  Meet “Family Cloth.”  Its the alternative to toilet paper.  Wipe your ass on a pinkish piece of cloth and wash it over and over instead of “wasting money” by flushing toilet paper down the commode.  Only liberals and hippies think that killing trees and flushing toilet paper is somehow damaging to the environment.  Their grasp of science insists that water and trees are non-renewable, but think that putting biomedical waste in the family washer is hunky-dory.


From Etsy here:

Family cloth is the environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper. No longer do you need to (quite literally) flush your money down the toilet. Instead you can re-use it.

Simply toss your used family cloth into a small bin, and at the end of the day throw it in the washing machine. It’s softer than toilet paper, and made of 100% cotton. Great for everyone…especially those little ones whose bums are extra sensitive!

Why are liberals so absolutely consumed with their urine and feces??  Eco-worshipping whackjobs are self-loathing copromaniacs who are obsessed with their own bodily waste. I have documented previously how they want to restrict everyone to one piece of toilet paper, want to flush the toilet only once per week, and even reusing tampons.  They even want to ban flushing toilets altogether.   They even made a battery that requires you to pee into it to power it, getting urine all over your fingers. Never mind that engineers solved the whole urine and feces problem over 150 years ago. Shit rolls downhill, and it gets filtered and even recycled at sewage treatment plants, returning fresh water to the city supplies. But that’s not good enough for liberals. Because corporations.

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