Gay Yale Professor Samuel See OD’d on Meth

Samuel See was a gay Yale Professor who taught gay studies to rich kids in exchange for thousands of dollars of wasted tuition. He also moonlighted as a male prostitute, selling his money-tunnel to lots of men. As this happy story unfolds, See got wasted on Meth, got in a limp-wristed slap fight with his lover, went to jail, and died of an overdose. Butthurt students, claiming police brutality, marched on the Police Station demanding justice and free condoms.


From theFix here:

A young, homosexual Yale University professor who died inside a jail cell last November – prompting members of the Yale community to march in protest, accuse officers of police brutality, and demand “accountability” – had actually succumbed to a methamphetamine overdose and heart attack.

“Samuel See died of acute methamphetamine and amphetamine intoxication with recent myocardial infarction,” reports The Courant, citing the medical examiner. ”His death was ruled an accident.”

In December, in the wake of See’s death, roughly 40 protestors chanted “justice for Sam See” and “police accountability” as they marched through the Yale campus, the Yale Daily News reported, adding the group sought an independent investigation into the English professor’s arrest and incarceration.

See, whose academic specialties were British and American modernist literature and sexual orientation studies, was on leave during the Fall 2013 semester. During his spare time, See was also reportedly a male escort who loved sex and being with men.

See had been arrested Nov. 23 after a domestic altercation with his estranged husband. As police attempted to arrest See, he fought with officers and suffered minor injuries. He was found unresponsive in his jail cell the next morning.

The comments on this page sums it up thusly:

At one of the best schools in the world, there was a homosexual, drug taking, male prostitute who taught literature and sexual orientation studies. Sounds about right.

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