Former Model Bloated by Self-Injections

Look at this moon-pie faced Korean woman. She wanted to have eternal beauty so she became a plastic surgery addict. When the docs cut her off, she stole some needles and some collagen. When the collagen ran out she used vegetable oil to inject into her face. Now she looks like the elephant man.


From the DailyMail here:

A plastic surgery addict injected cooking oil into her face when doctors refused to give her any more silicone.

Former model Hang Mioku has been left permanently disfigured following the DIY beauty treatment.

After injecting an entire bottle of black market silicone into her face, Hang resorted to using cooking oil that left her face severely swollen and scarred.

During the first of 10 operations, surgeons removed 60g of silicone, oil and other foreign substances from her face and 200g from her neck.

However, Hang is still disfigured and she said she wishes she could have her old face back.

Egads this broad is hideous. Looks like she’s been making out with bees and bad shrimp.

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