Yet Another Teacher Rape

Meet Courtney Jarrell. This 22-year old teacher just completed her years at a college at incredible expense and made it her whole first six months as a teacher and basketball coach before she raped a schoolgirl. Do student loan payments get deferred if you go to jail?

From the Huffpo here:

A former math teacher and girls’ basketball coach at a Utah high school has been arrested on charges of raping a 17-year-old female student.

Courtney Jarrell, 22, resigned from Riverton High School on Friday after being charged with two felonies, object rape and forcible sexual abuse.

Jarrell had “illegal sexual activity” with the student at her home between February and March of this year.

Students at the high school told NBC affiliate KSL that they were shocked by the allegations, since Jarrell, who taught math at Riverton for eight months, was well liked. It was her first teaching job.

And all those kids in the news clips thought it was hilarious this slut high school teacher raped a fellow student. Either that or they were all high. Oh, and remind me again- who has raped more kids now? Priests or school teachers?

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