Your Tax Dollars at Work: Octomom Goes Back on Welfare

The Octomom, who’s 15 minutes of fame was exhausted, had been touring strip clubs to make ends meet. Then the stress of getting naked for jeering dudes drove her to a Xanax addiction, so she spent all her stripper cash on rehab. Now broke, and still saddled with 14 mewling future drains on society, Octomom is back on the dole.

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman Unveil's Banner Pushing Cat And Dog Birth Control

From AceShowbiz here:

It’s been only five months since Nadya Suleman got off welfare but now the Octomom has signed up once again for the much-needed government assistance. The mother, who came into international attention for giving birth to octuplets back in 2009, has gone back on welfare after her savings were depleted following her rehab back in October.

Suleman entered the Chapman House Rehabilitation Center in California to cure her addiction to the anti-anxiety drug Xanax. The mother of 14 kids, who already had 6 kids prior to having the octuplets, earned substantially from doing porn with “Octomom: Home Alone” and other strip club gigs but had apparently used up all her savings on her rehab, forcing her to sign up again for welfare.

She will reportedly get a monthly assistance of $1,800 for food, $1,000 for emergencies, and Medi-Cal support to help with mental heath and dental needs. Already unemployed and depending on public assistance before conceiving the octuplets, Octomom told sources she would be staying on welfare until she could get back on her feet again.

Welfare is a trap, and it is not intended to help anyone “get on their feet.” You don’t make enough money to save for the future or buy nice things, and often the medical benefits are too good to ever give up. That red tshirt Octomom is wearing should say “Welfare 4 Life!”

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