Teacher Puts Asspie in a Box

A West Virginia teacher put a problem child in a “bad boy fort” built of cardboard due to the boy’s misbehavior. The article doesn’t go into what type of behavior prompted the teacher to surround the kid in a box, but it does mention that the kid suffered from the now non-existent diagnosis of “Aspergers.” If experience is any indication, the kid must have just been annoying the shit out of everyone.

From the Gazette here:

The parents of a Parkersburg High School student say a teacher put their son, who has Asperger’s syndrome, in a box labeled “bad kid fort” because of his behavior in the classroom.

Beth Dean and Jeff Richards say the social studies teacher humiliated their 15-year-old son.

“Instead of sending him out of the room or any other myriad of options, she fashioned a large cardboard box and placed the box around his seat, completely enclosing him, in front of 30 of his peers,” Dean told the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Her son’s individual education plan outlines steps to take when his behavior is disruptive or unmanageable, she said. “Placed in cardboard box was not one of those steps,” she said.

It was a stupid thing for a teacher to do. The time it took to make the stupid box, coupled with the distractions it created is no way to create a learning environment. But then again, taking classes with a disruptive kid is no learning environment either. And aren’t asspies devoid of embarrassment and social cues? How could an asspie feel shame, embarrassment or any other negative connotation from that? Bonus lulz if “hugbox” was written on the side.


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