Obama Killed Space Program; Space Shuttle Does DC Victory Lap

Obama’s biggest accomplishment outside of record deficits, government bailouts, Solyndra, and debt, might be the complete and utter decimation of the United States Space Program. The oldest and most die hard space ship ever created was sent to pasture today by Obama’s administration who thought free health care was more important than investing in science. And the 747 pilot made sure to do a victory lap over the White House.

I’ve noted before about Obama killing the Space Program, and others are reiterating it today. From PJ O’Rourke in the FreeBeacon here:

But the U.S. space program is short of machinery, muddled about goals, and low in morale. The space shuttle has been retired. Thousands of NASA employees and contractors lost their jobs. We have no way to get a man into space except by asking Vladimir Putin, “Mother Russia, May I?”

The Bush-era Constellation program, with its moon and Mars capabilities, was canceled. Neil Armstrong called the decision “devastating.”

Maybe private corporations can fill in the gap left by the Space cancellation, but I’m not hopeful.

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