Fabuloussss! Gay Couple Jailed for Buggery

A gay couple having sex in public view aboard their cruise ship were arrested by Dominican cops who have a very low tolerance for sodomy.

From the DailyMail here:

Two men on a gay cruise of the Caribbean were arrested yesterday in Dominica, after someone on the port spotted them having sex. In the country, sex between two men is illegal and the pair could now face a jail term. Police Constable John George said authorities boarded the cruise ship and arrested the two men on suspicion of indecent exposure and sodomy.

He identified the men as John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, but did not provide their hometowns.

If found guilty, they could be fined $370 (£233) each and face up to six months in jail.

The ship carrying about 2,000 passengers departed Puerto Rico on Saturday and arrived in Dominica yesterday.
It left for St. Barts without the men, who are being held in a cell at police headquarters in the capital of Roseau.

I can’t wait to see their story on Locked Up Abroad.

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  1. Did a search in White pages. I think they are BOTH are entitled queens from San Francisco…
    Quite funny. Lol

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