More LOLsuits Threatened

As the trial of Byron Sonne looms large, his most ardent supporters, who have put their reputations on the line that he will be found innocent, must be biting their nails. Its not everyone who can count among their friends a man who, in a fit of anarchistic fury, convinced the cops that he was plotting to blow up the G20 in Toronto.

One of these supporters, James Arlen, a liberal frequent guest speaker at hacker conventions, despises me because of my criticism of Byron Sonne. You see, Sonne had his CISSP suspended for his actions leading up to the G20 in which he made threats against the police. Sonne was also busted cooking explosives in his house that was bought and paid for by his wealthy wife’s family. That would-be anarcho-terrorist is loved by Arlen. Arlen has donated cash to Sonne’s defense fund. But a CISSP in good standing like me who criticizes Sonne’s actions must be silenced.

He is threatening lawsuits and attempting to have my own CISSP certification suspended simply because of my speech.

Arlen even attempted to contact a former employer to complain about my free speech in an effort to silence my criticism of Sonne:

Pretty cowardly.

And what is ironic is that Arlen was a vocal critic of SOPA, which would have had the effect of creating censorship on the Internet.

You see, as a typical liberal, Arlen is a big believer in free speech so long as it supports liberal group-think. Any opposition or deviation is quickly labeled as “hate speech.”

Not that Arlen could point to a single thing I’ve said that is bigoted or hateful. Oh, yeah, I called him fat, which he is. He continues to threaten a libel lolsuit, but all I have to do is point to his ginormous gut as exhibit A.

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