Pandas Get to Stay!

At the state dinner at the White House, Chinese Premier Hu Jintao announced that in the spirit of mutual respect between superpowers, China will allow the giant pandas to stay at the National Zoo. Yippee. Jake Tapper tweeted:

Our President lifted a glass and toasted the Communist leader saying:

The Chinese and American people work together and create new opportunities together every single day. Mr. President, today we’ve shown that our governments can work together as well, for our mutual benefit. And that includes this bit of news -— under a new agreement, our National Zoo will continue to dazzle children and visitors with the beloved giant pandas. (Applause.)

Meanwhile, as HotAir notes, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner holds a State Dinner for a man who has the 2010 winner under House Arrest.

But at least we get to keep the pandas.

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