Boy George Returns Stolen Religious Icon

Its odd the things I discover by looking at my website’s log files. Turned out that one of the highest keyword searches sending people to this site was “Boy George.” Wondering what the fat washed up gay singer and sometime sex slaver was up to, I did a Google News search.

As it turns out, Boy George was not busted yet again for having a sex slave chained to a wall. A piece of art he purchased in 1985 was actually a stolen relic from a church in Cyprus. The relic was looted during the Turkish invasion of 1974, and when a bishop saw it hanging on the singer’s wall and notified him about it, Boy George did something unexpected- he gave it back.

From the AP here:

Cyprus’ Orthodox Christian Church on Thursday thanked former Culture Club singer Boy George for returning an icon of Christ that it says was stolen from a church in the breakaway north of the divided island.

Boy George agreed to return the 18th century icon he bought from a London art dealer in 1985 after being presented with proof of its true origin, the church said in a statement posted on its Web site.

“Before this, I had no idea who Boy George was,” Brussels-based Bishop Porfyrios who led efforts for the icon’s recovery told The Associated Press. “He was positive about returning the icon.”

The church said it was alerted about the icon’s whereabouts by an informer who saw the singer with it on a Dutch TV show last November.

Boy George, who said he was unaware of the icon’s history when he bought it, personally handed the icon over to Bishop Porfyrios in London on Tuesday. In return, the bishop gave him a modern icon of Christ as a token of gratitude and “with the wish that others soon follow his example.”

What on earth could explain this freak’s sudden kindheartedness? Menopause perhaps?

3 comments on “Boy George Returns Stolen Religious Icon
  1. Maybe he just wanted to do the right thing. Maybe for the good press, maybe not. A better question would be, what would he want with an icon of Christ to begin with? We should always appreciate Boy George as the man who humiliated Rosie O’Donnell by causing her to waste a lot of her money on a Broadway show about him.

  2. Pagan,
    That’s right, I forgot that Rosie and he were a failed Broadway team.

    I bet he gets a gigantic tax deduction for that- Does he still live in the US?

  3. I don’t know, I don’t think so though, The last time I heard anything about him before this, seems like he got in trouble for trashing his apartment, or assault, or something, and he was having to pull some kind of community service. I thought that was in England but I don’t remember for sure.

    That show didn’t cost him a dime. That was all Rosie’s money. She bankrolled the whole project. It was based on his life, if I remember right. I saw them appearing on some show once promoting it, and he had his face made up like a playing card. I think he’s a grifter. He really took her for a ride anyway. Why she would think enough people would want to pay big money to see a Broadway show about the life of Boy George-and her make a profit on it-is beyond me.

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