Joe Ballmann- Teacher and Kid Toucher

Another local teacher was busted trying to get his man-boy love on.  Sick bastard was supposed to be teaching English, but from everything I’ve read, he was doing everything except for teaching.  He had foosball tournaments in his classroom. 


Ballmann let kids play a playstation in his classroom.  He built obstacle courses out of filing cabinets.  As far as reading went, it was comic books and Simpsons cartoons.  And of course, there was the project where students made funny videos and watched Saturday Night Live skits.

He also got nominated for teacher of the year- somehow.  Maybe it was for giving great massages to his boy students, ’cause it certainly wasn’t for teaching.  Yet one more reason to homeschool, folks.

From here:

An English teacher at a Rockville middle school who had chloroform and torn pictures of children in his home has been arrested for sexually abusing a student on numerous occasions.

Joseph Robert Ballmann, 47, of the 11100 block of Cedarwood Drive, is being held on $150,000 bond on charges of sexual abuse of a minor, third-degree sexual offense and sexual solicitation of a minor.

A now 15-year-old boy told police that Ballmann engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with him beginning when the boy was a seventh-grader at Robert Frost Middle School and continuing into the next school year.  (That’s 12 years old, folks!)

The incidents occurred at Ballmann’s home between spring 2004 and May 2005.

Ballmann has been employed by Montgomery County Public Schools for about 18 years. He was placed on administrative leave from Robert Frost on Wednesday.

A search of Ballmann’s home turned up a pipe that appeared to be a bomb, explosives, handcuffs, chloroform, mace, pepper spray, torn pictures of children in the garbage and a handgun.

From NBC4 here:

The victim told police that he would visit Ballman’s house because the two had developed a close relationship. The teen said that on several occasions Ballmann showed him pornographic video, on five occasions he was given massages and on two occasions he was naked and Ballmann touched him inappropriately.

When I was a kid, my english teachers made me conjugate verbs and taught me sentence structure.  And what is the deal with the chloroform and the torn up pictures of kids? 

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  1. I agree,

    So what are you doing posting in the middle of a school day if you are 17? Are you at home sick?

    You are a disgusting person who tried to publish links to pedophile and man-boy-love sites on my blog.

    If you want the post removed, you must pay me 1 million dollars.

    Otherwise, everyone else that is wondering who keeps posting stupid gay-kid-touching propaganda on the internet will be able to run a google search on your IP and get more information on you.

    And how dare you call me a racist, you degenerate troll? I hope the Canadian authorities pick you up soon.

  2. Dear Pat, I did not have Mr. Ballmann as a teacher, but he supervised our exam. From what I know, Mr. Ballmann was a good teacher who made sure his students understood what they were being taught. He only had the fussball tournaments during breaks. They were not meant to teach us anything. Also not every kid got to watch T.V. It was an afterschool club. But, I, unlike many of my classmates, see where you are coming from. Mr Ballmann did need to grow the fuck up. I knew I sensed a little bit of Michael Jackson in him before the incident. He is a sick, disgusting man and he deserved what he got, if not more. But there is one other thing. You are wrong in insulting these kids’ spelling and grammar because they know how to write correctly, but being teenagers, we want an easy way to do everything.

    -Sam Aman

  3. Frost Student,

    Thanks for the comments. Maybe I was wrong to insult the kids based on spelling and grammar, but you know, this is a serious subject. Slack spelling and grammar is best left to IM applications and text messaging.

  4. Dear Pat,

    I guess you’re right. I prsonally do keep that phonetic writing to text and instant messages. Also, about Mr. Ballmann, actually, he doesnt even deserve to be called that, it’s too respectful. So about kid-touching Joe, I do in fact remember him staring at this kid, Kurt. I don’t really care that he’s gay, it’s just that he was into kids, that’s so wrong. Ugh…

  5. Pat, while I do not in any way approve of this sicko’s actions, I do not think that him being homosexual should be used against him. Don’t get me wrong. I am straight, but what should be used against him is his pedophilia, not his homosexuality. Elton John is gay, and yet he is one of the biggest icons of modern music. I still completely agree with you, but all I am saying is that you should not judge him for being gay, you should judge him for being a pedophile.

  6. I don’t think anyone has mentioned this before, but it was pretty much a red flag for me when I was at Frost: Mr. Ballman was supervisor of the Weight Lifting Club at school. There were no girls in this club, just little boys in wife beaters. So this guy would sit and watch. Maybe give a few pointers. Maybe tell some sex jokes. This is first hand experience.

    Why does an English teacher have to sponsor the Weight-Lifting Club? Isn’t there gym teachers for that? If the administration did not know by then, that should have been a red fucking flag.

    The truth is that, as a boy, I felt uncomfortable around this man even without having him as a teacher. He sent out really weird vibes. Anyone who is so friendly with children is not in his right mind. If I had been older, the connection would have been obvious. Instead of talking to and maybe even helping this poor man, the faculty at Frost did nothing. So they lose their reputation and one of their best teachers. And 2 lives or more have gone down the drain.

  7. It looks like it got pushed back to May.

    Court Scheduling Information
    (Schedule is subject to change) Event Date: 02/08/2008 Event Time: Judge: HARRINGTON, ANN
    Location: 50 Maryland Avenue 3rd Floor Courtroom: 1
    Description: RULE 4-215 HEARING

    Event Date: 02/22/2008 Event Time: Judge: SAVAGE, KATHERINE D
    Location: 50 Maryland Avenue 6th Floor Courtroom: 14

    Event Date: 04/04/2008 Event Time: Judge: SAVAGE, KATHERINE D
    Location: 50 Maryland Avenue 6th Floor Courtroom: 14
    Description: STATUS HEARING

    Event Date: 05/13/2008 Event Time: Judge: SAVAGE, KATHERINE D
    Location: 50 Maryland Avenue 6th Floor Courtroom: 14
    Description: TRIAL – JURY

  8. Saw some motions on the docket that looked like an extension of time was requested. That could mean any number of things – perhaps there is new evidence or charges or that Ballmann is simply not ready to defend himself.

    We’ll have to wait and see

  9. Looks like the trial has been postponed yet again to this summer (June 30 now) and it looks like both sides agreed to it. I actually appeared before Judge Scrivner in a civil case when I was in private practice. She is a pretty fair, no nonsense judge. Here’s the order:



  10. Pat, say what you want, the truth is, you are still argueing with a bunch of kids who actually had him and are trying to tell you the other side of the story, a story which you have barely skimmed the surface of. How many teachers do you know who can get a class full of seventh graders to think Shakespeare is cool and interesting? I remember when we did our unit on Poe, everyone reacted with enthusiasm and interest, much more so than did my more recent classmates when doing a unit on Poe. Despit what he may or may not have done, he is still an amazing teacher and always will be.

  11. I am 26 years old. I have to say that Mr. Ballmann was the best middle school teacher I ever had. He was a rather large inspiration to me, he got me interested in literature. His lessons were engaging and he got students excited about learning.

    Now, obviously he is human filth. But I would be lying if I said he was a bad teacher, because like I said he was actually a very good one. Scary. What’s even scarier is that me and my friends did hang out with him on a few occasions, but he never tried anything, at least not with me.

  12. I don’t know how I missed this. But Ballmann pleaded GUILTY to sexually abusing a child and showing him kiddie porn. The sentencing will happen in January. This is what the court docket says:

  13. In response to:

    “Pat, say what you want, the truth is, you are still argueing with a bunch of kids who actually had him and are trying to tell you the other side of the story, a story which you have barely skimmed the surface of. How many teachers do you know who can get a class full of seventh graders to think Shakespeare is cool and interesting? I remember when we did our unit on Poe, everyone reacted with enthusiasm and interest, much more so than did my more recent classmates when doing a unit on Poe. Despit what he may or may not have done, he is still an amazing teacher and always will be.”

    For gods sakes, YOU BAFFLE ME!!!! there is a bigger lesson to take away from here. HE WILL ALWAYS BE A GOOD TEACHER??? HE WILL ALWAYS BE A PERVERT AND THAT OVERRIDES ANY OTHER OBSERVATION WE SHOULD MAKE AS A SOCIETY!! Are all of you insane, INCLUDING all you kids??? You need to learn a fact of life that when people like Ballmann exist, everyone is at risk, and more importantly a child’s innocence and right to grow up without having a f***** up mind.

    Please understand, it matters not how well he organized a class, because if underneath his intentions are sick, that just means he is a great con-artist. Why can I say this even though kids were “enthusiastic” about his class? Newsflash, I was a student of his. He even gave me a graduation gift when I left (insert jokes here). To quote pat, because it is seemingly the only post I could find to make the most valid argument against any of your “he was a great teacher” bull:

    Take a minute to wrap your feeble mind around that.

    If a cop was the best cop in the world, but he sometimes murdered his suspects, guess what stupid? It makes him a bad cop.

    If a doctor writes a wonderful new procedure on transplanting organs but does so by butchering his patients, it makes him a bad doctor.

    If a fireman is given citations for wonderful rescues, but it was him that set the fires, guess what stupid? It makes him a lousy fireman.

    If a president fights a war on terror, but gives away the country to illegal immigrants, it makes him a lousy president.

    And finally, if a teacher gets a kid to learn to read but slips his pinkie into his butthole, it makes him a lousy teacher.

    Ballman was a school bus driver before he took a job as a substitute teacher with the school. Bartenders make more money than a substitute teacher, so don’t try to glorify Ballman’s illustrious career in education or think that he was some saint sent from the schoolboard.

    And I promise you that the people who voted for him to win teacher of the year are ashamed of their decision.”

  14. Especially to all you kids, please read the above and understand that things in this world do exist as black and white. When it comes to protecting children against sexual predators, this should be at the top of your list with no questions asked.

    If you fail to realize this, I truely believe (note: this is my opinion) that you are part of the problem. Do not promote psycho-babble that surrounds inappropriate touching of kids. His actions should be an indication of the absolute when we follow our moral compass.

  15. Saw the docket listing – I would’ve posted it, but at the time I was up to my neck in work. Evidently he has also been sued by one of his alleged victims too – probably by the time his lawyer fees get paid, there won’t be much left to get, but I guess the principle at issue is important to the victim. Since he plead guilty, there obviously can be no doubt anymore. It will be interesting to see what sort of sentence he draws at the heating on Wednesday.

  16. disturbed,
    Thanks for the reminder about the sentencing. It’s sad to say that any lawsuit will likely fail since Ballmann is probably broke and has no income. We will see how it plays out. Will they pit the sentence ok the docket page?

  17. Not sure if they will post it on that system, but I am sure it will hit the local papers when it is handed down – probably the Gazette and maybe the Washington Post. The case file, which has a lot more of the details of the charges, including sentencing reports/recommendations and the like, is a matter of public record and can be accessed at the Circuit court building in Rockville, MD. If I wasn’t so busy with my day job, I might have checked it out just to see the details since there was no trial. Anyhow, he did make a plea bargain so his sentence may already be a done deal – Mercer, his attorney, is no slouch – he is a well known criminal defense attorney in the area – so the sentence could be on the lighter side. Still, he will be branded for life as a sex offender so it is unlikely he will ever teach again.

  18. The outcome has not hit the press yet, but as you can see below the hearing was on today’s schedule for Circuit Court so postponement is unlikely. We’ll see if something gets posted within the next 24 hours.

    108102-C 09:00 AM 7 8 BALLMAN, JOSEPH R.
    107925-C 09:00 AM 7 8 BALLMANN, JOSEPH R.
    109502-C 09:00 AM 7 8 BALLMANN, JOSEPH R.

  19. The sentence was handed down. He got 5 years plus 5 years of probation. About what I expected. The article below sheds a bit more light on the case, but not a signifigant amount. Anyhow, most notable was Ballmann’s apology for making a “mistake” – the judge rightly called him on that noting that what he did was deliberate. Ballmann’s use of the “mistake” apology, in my opinion, was a bit self serving and almost self excusing – I can buy the “mistake” apology when you miscalculate your deductions on a tax return – but nobody can buy that with a straight face when you are talking about someone who used his position of trust as a teacher to take advantage over those kids. This was a planned and calculated act. Anyhow, he got what he deserved.

    Below is the article:

    Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009

    From the Montgomery County Gazette:

    Former middle school teacher to serve five years in prison on abuse charge

    Joseph Ballmann of Rockville also barred from teaching

    by Melissa J. Brachfeld | Staff Writer

    A former Rockville middle school teacher will serve five years in prison for sexually abusing a former student.
    Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Terrence J. McGann on Wednesday morning sentenced Joseph Robert Ballmann, 48, of Rockville to 15 years in prison with all but five years suspended. He also sentenced Ballmann to five years of probation with several conditions, including that he never be allowed to teach again.

    Ballmann, a former teacher at Robert Frost Middle School, pleaded guilty in November to one count of sexual abuse of a minor and one count of exhibiting obscene movies to a minor, said Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Herdman.

    He had been indicted on several other sexual offense charges, but they were dropped as part of the plea agreement, she said.

    Stephen Mercer, one of Ballmann’s defense attorneys, declined to comment after the sentencing.

    Ballmann was arrested May 2, 2007, at his home in the 11100 block of Cedarwood Drive and charged in connection with the sexual abuse of a former Frost student, who was then 15 years old. Police said that Ballmann abused the student on numerous occasions from spring 2004 to May 2005 at Ballmann’s residence. The student is now a high school senior.

    Ballmann was arrested again on June 7, 2007, in the home of family member at 81900 block of Falling Star Road in Germantown on allegations involving another student. Police said that Ballmann allegedly engaged in inappropriate sexual contact between 1995 and 1997 with a boy who was in the seventh and eighth grades at Westland Middle School in Bethesda at the time. The victim was 24 years old at the time of Ballmann’s arrest.

    Herdman said Ballmann has been held at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility in Clarksburg since November awaiting sentencing.

    Kate Harrison, a spokeswoman for Montgomery County Public Schools, said Ballmann resigned from the school system on Dec. 31, 2007.

    Before McGann handed down the sentence, Kenneth Ravenell, another of Ballmann’s lawyers, called his client a “good person who committed a very serious crime.”

    He asked McGann to look at Ballmann’s record of service to the community.

    “People who do good things can do bad things as well,” Ravenell said.

    Frank Ballmann Jr., Joseph Ballmann’s brother, said he was “shocked” when he first heard of the charges.

    He said he has always known his brother to be a “very caring person” and that he would be there to support him upon his release from prison.

    Herdman said she recognized Ballmann as a productive member of society, but that many who commit similar crimes often are and use their positions in schools and places of worship to prey on children.

    “It’s almost a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation because these crimes happen behind closed doors,” she said.

    The former Frost student stood before McGann in the courtroom and told him he had lacked a male role model in his life and Ballmann was almost like a father to him.

    “He really raked me over the coals, he raked my mother over the coals and my brother over the coals,” he said.

    The Gazette does not identify victims of sexual abuse.

    As a result of Ballmann’s actions, he said he has had trouble dating and trusting other male teachers.

    “I’m glad he pled guilty over all he put me through,” he said.

    Ballmann, looking somber in a charcoal-gray suit, told McGann he is sorry for all that he has put the victim and his family through.

    “The most important words that I can say today are that I’m sorry,” he said.

    Glancing into the gallery of the courtroom, Ballmann said he prays for the former student and his family every day.

    “I can only imagine what [the student] has gone through because of my actions,” he said.

    Ballmann added he was ready to serve his sentence.

    “I hope one day after I’ve paid my debt to society that I can be forgiven,” he said.

    After a short pause, McGann said he felt badly for the teenager and his family.

    “I understand what you folks have gone through and are going through,” he said.

    McGann praised the student for having the courage to speak at the sentencing and urged him to not dwell on the past.

    “Move forward and help your family and you’ll be fine,” he said.

    Turning his attention to Ballmann, McGann said people make mistakes, but what Ballmann did is inexcusable.

    “What he did wasn’t a mistake,” he said. “You intended to do what you did.”

    He said parents should know their children are safe at school and students should be able to trust their teachers.

    “When a teacher behaves like you did, Mr. Ballmann, that trust is breached and all teachers are indicted,” McGann said.

    He also called Ballmann’s actions “predatory” and “sneaky.”

    Ballmann will also serve six months in prison for the single count of exhibiting obscene movies to a minor, Herdman said. That sentence will be served concurrently with his five-year sentence for sexual abuse of a minor. He will also be credited with some jail time served.

    Herdman said Ballmann will serve his sentence in a state correctional facility.

    Herdman also declined to comment on the outcome of the sentencing.

    The victim’s mother, who is not being identified to protect the anonymity of her son, said she was grateful to the State’s Attorney’s Office and county police detectives for their work.

    “I want to thank them all for their support and getting us through this,” she said. “It was tough on my family and we’ll always be indebted to them for what they did.”

  20. Disturbed,

    Thanks again for all your efforts in keeping us all updated on the status of this case. 5 years and 5 years probation is pretty light, but it seems somewhat fair. I think he will also get credit for time served, and with good behavior he could be out very soon.

  21. Wow, still arguing with children in this other blog too? Nice. You know, criticizing people’s spelling and punctuation makes you look even more insecure about yourself, especially if you’re criticizing children. I also noticed that you didn’t get your facts right in this one either…hmm…I’m starting to see a pattern. You suck at journaling. If you’re going to post something on the internet as legit, get your shit together.

  22. I got my facts right on this post, and was vindicated at the end by the conviction of the kid-touching teacher/criminal. And I will be vindicated by Melissa Koehn’s conviction too.

  23. I think Pat’s issue is projection. His/her zealotry suggests guilt, most likely because his parents have touched his/her genitals, he/she has touched his/her own genitals, and he/she has touched other people’s genitals, and he/she feels really guilty because he/she both loved it and hated it at the same time. Get help, Pat!

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