GrubHub Dun Goofed!

Yes the election was contentious, but people need to learn how to separate their emotions from business. The stupid CEO of GrubHub, Matt Maloney, sent a staff-wide email telling Trump supporters to GTFO, and now there is major backlash. Everyone is deleting the GrubHub app, leaving bad reviews on the Appstore. And yes, had anyone tried to get rid of Hillary supporters the same would have happened.

Read the responses to the tweet. Brutal. Yes, CEOs famously espouse their own opinions- hell, Donald Trump did plenty of that as CEO of his own company. But he would have never discriminated against his employees based on their THOUGHTS which is what Maloney did. Let’s see how his stocks do in the coming days.

By the way, restaurant delivery is a dumb idea. Unless its pizza, food gets ruined during transport. If you want restaurant food, go eat out. Wanna eat at home? Go to a grocery store and cook something yourself.

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