Huma Abedin Tired of Eating Shit Sandwiches

Anthony Weiner did it again. Got busted having phone sex with yet another woman. After his wife Huma Abedin continued to eat shit sandwiches in public and take her lying husband back over and over again, it seems like this time was one shit sandwich too many.


From the DailyMail here:

Huma Abedin is separating from her husband Anthony Weiner in the wake of his latest sexting scandal.
The Clinton campaign manager released a statement on Monday morning just hours after the New York Post reported that Weiner had been sending lewd texts to another woman behind her back, marking the third time he had been caught in the act in the past five years.
Making matters worse, one of the pictures was of Weiner showcasing his manhood in a pair of boxer briefs while the couple’s four-year-old son Jordan lay asleep next to him in bed.
NYC Child Services tells that they are looking into the incident.
‘After long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband,’ said Abedin in a statement.

In case you didnt know, Huma Abedin is trying to manage Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and Anthony’s latest shenanigans is damaging to say the least. But leaving your husband is just not something most democrat women do. Anthony will likely go to some bullshit rehab clinic and Huma will come crawling back. This story of true democrat romance ain’t over yet.

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