Social Engineering a Jailbreak

A Brit who had bilked many banks out of funds by pretending to be bankers over the phone landed in jail.  He managed to smuggle in a smartphone which he used to setup a domain with a similar name to the court, and then forged a document on the phone and emailed it to the jail saying he was to be set free on bail.  And it worked.


From the DailyMail here:

Neil Moore escaped from HMP Wandsworth – one of Britain’s most secure prisons – by forging his own bail letter

After escaping Moore spent three days securing a new driving licence – but handed himself back in after having a change of heart.

In spring last year Moore set about using a mobile phone illegally smuggled into HMP Wandsworth to organise his release.

He set up an email domain imitating Her Majesty’s Court Service that used hyphens instead of ‘dots’ to say Southwark Crown Court had rubber-stamped his bail on March 10, 2014.

Mr Paton said wardens discovered he had escaped when Moore’s solicitor turned up for a meeting.
He said: ‘Mr Moore’s solicitor had attended at HMP Wandsworth to have a conference with his client only to find that he had been “granted bail”.’

He utilised his talent of being able to impersonate female voices to dupe employees into believing they were talking to different callers.
Mr Paton said: ‘Much of this defendant’s fraud consisted of him on a telephone speaking with a male voice and no less effectively and persuasively with a female voice.’
His impersonations were so good his transgender civil partner became a fellow suspect in the fraud, the court heard

Seems quite doable. Fake domain, a good document and a few phonecalls may be all it takes to dupe foolish guards into a release.

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