Think Your Union is Tough? Crucify The Bus Drivers!

Paraguay is an impoverished socialist utopia. Despite having everything a socialist could dream of, 8 bus drivers got greedy and asked for higher wages. They got fired, so naturally, they crucified themselves.


From the Telegraph here:

Eight Paraguayan bus drivers, who were reportedly fired from their jobs after demanding better pay and conditions, haved nail themselves to crosses in Luque, a town north of the capital, Asuncion.

The men have been lying nailed to crosses through their hands for 20 days, and have vowed to continue their protest until they are reinstated. Union leader Juan Villalba, one of the drivers crucified, said they would not give up their protest until all are reinstated.

Gosh, and you thought your Union’s picket rules were tough. In the bus driver’s union in Paraguay, you have to crucify yourself. I’m laughing so hard right now. I hope they all get lead poisoning and die.

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