Should Your Duck Lips Accompany Your Death Photo?

I really have no idea who started the whole fad of making duck lips for your facebook photos, but its past time that it stopped. Its so ridiculous and ubiquitous that when dumb bitches die, they use a duck-lipped photo to accompany the news article! Meet Maleah Nowack. She went tubing and used her own head as a cleat. Now she’s dead, but her duck-lipped obituary is famous.


From the DailyMail here:

A 23-year-old woman was killed in a freak boating accident after a sudden gust of wind caused her to be dragged overboard by an inflatable inner tube. A rope from the inner tube wrapped around Maleah Nowak’s neck and she was hauled out of the boat into the Caloosahatchee River in Florida in front of her horrified friends.

A preliminary investigation has revealed that Maleah and two friends, Joshua Emerson, who was driving, and Bill Piggott, were on a boating trip on Sunday afternoon. They had a large inner tube that is used to give people rides when a sudden gust of wind caused it to be blown overboard. A rope attached to the tube wrapped around Nowak’s neck and she was dragged overboard.

Dear God, ladies, don’t let your last photo be duck lips. Its not cute when you’re alive, but when you’re dead its kind of lulzy.

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18 comments on “Should Your Duck Lips Accompany Your Death Photo?
  1. Hello, this is my sister. I would appreciate it if you would take this rude post off of your site. What a prick you are. Heartless fuck.

  2. I think it’s terrible that you would use someone’s death to make fun of someone. And hiding behind a blog….take it down weasel dick

  3. I can’t wait til one of your loved ones die and you know what pain really is. I wish a slow, painful death on you. Your parents. Your siblings. Your grandparents. Your kids or grand kids if you ever have any. Quit hiding behind a computer you chicken shit pussy fuck. Show your face to the family of this girl. You ain’t got the gutts. I’d show you what she went through with my hands you coward.

  4. I would really apprieciate it if you would take her picture off of your blog I really dont think you know how much pain her whole family is still in to this day and this is just wrong of you to do this her twin sister also passed on and for this family it has been a very hard road to travel dont make it any worse your hurting these people and I personally dont think you would like it if you were in their shoes

  5. In my life I have met some people that are worthy of getting there face curb stomped. What a low life would use someone’s death to talk about them? Then to insult a dead girl by calling her names. Your a scum bag. I pray anyone close to you dies and your left with no one. I hope one day I can post about your death you sorry son of a bitch.

  6. I am at a loss for words right now! Who in their right mind would make a blog like this?! A sick son of a bitch is who! Have you ever heard of Karma? What goes around comes around jerk! You will get yours hopefully sooner than later…your a pathetic, worthless excuse of life & I hope & pray that Karma repays you in the worst way possible!!

  7. I don’t even know what to write cuz I don’t wanna write.I seriously just wanna stomp your fucking head in and cock slap your ignorant mother for having such an inconsiderate piece of shit of a son.such a beautiful person and all you’ve done is offended her family and friends.fuck off and die

  8. Your last comment “Dr. Jones” just goes to show what an inconsiderate, low life, heartless, cruel, piece of shit you are!!

  9. You ARE GOING to HELL…. people with even the tiniest bit of LOVE for human beings would NEVER have put THIS on a Blog #1 YOU didn’t know this beautiful young lady and you never will her death was a FREAK accident and nothing more! Karma had no part in this and never will! I certainly knew and Loved THIS precious child from birth and I PROMISE I’ll be looking for an ATTORNEY to sue Your sorry hateful ass! It can be done! I PRAY for YOU as a human being but also that you can forgive your mother for not loving you enough!

  10. I hope you rot whenever you get to where you’re going. I know you will. It makes me sleep better at night. I hope my sister haunts your fucking dreams. I hope hurt, pain and all that’s cruel in this world finds its way to you. Sleep tight, cause she talks to me at night and I’m sending her your way. Sweet dreams.

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