Stripping Can Be Tricky

A stupid 22YO stripper tried to do some type of super-awesome dance move while giving a lapdance and ended up tumbling over a 2nd story balcony and suffering head trauma. Good thing she doesn’t need brains for the job, right?


From Fox here:

A 22-year-old woman was seriously injured after a bizarre incident inside a local strip club early Wednesday morning.

It happened at Christie’s Caberet in Cleveland’s The Flats, just after 1 a.m.

A witness said he was getting a lap dance from the woman on the second floor of the club when something went terribly wrong. The reporting officer said this of the incident: “(The witness) stated that (the dancer) grabbed the rail, as he was facing away from the balcony, and she tried to complete some sort of jump/dance move, and accidentally went head first over the rail.”

The woman reportedly fell 15 feet and suffered “major head trauma.”

And he got to keep his twenty bucks for the dance too. Strippers might disappoint fathers, but Darwin is never disappointed.

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