James Arlen Anonymously Sends Death Threats?

Noted fat and newly unemployed information security specialist James Arlen, AKA Mycurial might be behind a recent death threat against the owner of this blog site. In an anonymous twitter account called @deadbelcher, someone proclaims that the owner of belch.com should be murdered along with his family.

Is this retribution for the recent tweets by Dr. Jones mocking James Arlen for becoming unemployed and having trouble getting a new job, now that he is associated with anarcho-terrorist G20 bomber Byron Sonne?

Here is when James Arlen complains about the loss of a job and begs twitter to help him find another:

Odd that the @deadbelcher account appeared just after I pointed out Arlen’s support of Byron Sonne, and his support of Occupy Wallstreet, and his disdain for corporations. Coincidence?

Also, Arlen may have been behind a lame attempt to blow a dog whistle to attract Anonymous attackers against Belcher as well on the Full Disclosure infosec list:

The email account is faked, and the post was an obvious attempt to “Joe Job” Belcher as someone who was working against the Anonymous organization. As noted previously, Arlen has threatened Belcher with lolsuits and complaints against his certification in an attempt to silence him against speaking out online against Byron Sonne’s documented attempts to cook explosives in his basement during the run-up to the G20 in Toronto. When these tactics were pointed out on this blog previously, Arlen may have well shifted to an anonymous campaign in an attempt to silence Belcher on these issues.

Making death threats against people online is a crime, and Arlen seems to be willing to participate in this. Is it any wonder that he finds difficulty in finding employment?

I do want to point out that Madison Kelley, a friend and supporter of Byron Sonne, was so shocked by the death threat that she urged legal action against the @deadbelcher account:

I thank Madison for her support of free speech, however, if this was indeed James Arlen, her tweet rings hollow as Arlen’s profile picture on his twitter account shows him proudly wearing a FreeByron Tshirt. So no one in the FreeByron movement is behind this? Sorry, but sadly, someone certainly is.

UPDATE: Arlen issues denial:

And again uses threats of libel-

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