So I’m Guessing Trayvon Had it Coming?

The media’s attempts to stir up mob actions, racist division and mistrust of the police and justice system is appalling. The Trayvon Martin shooting case is still, at this time, an act of self defense. But the press showed a photograph of a cute 13 YO boy as the supposed victim, while Zimmerman, who acted in self defense by shooting Trayvon, was showing wearing an orange collar to imply that he was already in Prison Orange. Compare the original press-released photo of Martin prepubescent-

And now behold the real Trayvon as he appeared before he tried to assault someone who carried a concealed weapon:

Gold teeth and tattoos are a far cry from the sensitive bright youngster the news has been touting for the past few days. Oh, and did you know he was suspended from school for dealing marijuana the same day he was put down for assaulting someone?

From the MiamiHerald here:

Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin was suspended from school because he was caught with an empty plastic bag with traces of marijuana in it, the boy’s family attorney has confirmed.

Trayvon was killed while serving out the suspension in Sanford Florida, where his father’s girlfriend lives. A community watch volunteer who thought he looked drugged out and suspicious called police and later wound up in a fight with him.

The two scuffled and volunteer George Zimmerman shot Trayvon, killing him. He has not been charged.

Oh, and this punk’s twitter handle? No_Limit_Nigga. And as my wife mentioned over lunch, Trayvon did have a limit, specifically with his ability to catch flying bullets.

So we already have a lot of evidence to suggest that Trayvon was on the road to a long term jail sentence. Broken home. Dealing pot. Gold teeth. Tattoos. Problems at school. Oh, and he may have tried to assault a bus driver. So there is a history of violence.

All of this new information about Trayvon’s checkered past is cropping up now, including the fact that his family may have deleted his Twitter account to hide his gangsta communications. In the mean time, hordes of blacks and leftists are trying to lynch Zimmerman. Meanwhile the press largely tries to cover up the facts because ginning up a race riot and sowing mistrust between minorities and the justice system is fun. Or maybe they are doing it for the lulz.

Thanks to Pat Dollard for bringing these items to light.

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11 comments on “So I’m Guessing Trayvon Had it Coming?
  1. Someone is dead, so I really just want to see the legal system do its thing to decide if it was justified. Plug in any two people, I want the same thing.

  2. Poppy, completely agree. I also want to have the colorblind society Dr King dreamed of, but it is becoming so obvious that there are people in our society using the constitutional protections of free press to gin up mobs and sow distrust of our justice system. And they are dividing our society. I want the press to report the truth again.

  3. Although Trayvon was no angel, George also has a past – he was also arrested before for being violent with the police. George was also told by dispatch NOT to follow Trayvon and an officer was on the way. He was in no danger (George in a vehicle and Trayvon walking – and he was 100 lbs lighter) and did not have to use lethal force.

    As for your assumption that tattoos and gold caps equate ‘having it coming’, when will I get mine? I have many tattoos and as a youngster I wore gold caps. At 33, I am a successful educator and business owner. I will not lie like Clinton, yes I inhaled – still graduated college with no issues.

    Part of the problem I have when you make the remark that you want a colorblind society is that everything else in your post reeks of racial profiling. For example, you are quick to pick up on his tats, teeth and twitter, but can you tell me why blacks and whites sell and use drugs at the same rate, but black males make up 6% of the population and 50% of those incarcerated?

    This situation isn’t dividing society, it is just shedding more light on how the justice system continuously fails one group of people while protecting another.

  4. You can’t get a concealed carry permit and have a criminal record or fail a background check. So unless you have links to documents or police reports, you cannot say that Zimmerman was a dangerous man. And the 911 tapes told Zimmerman that he didn’t have to follow Martin. Didn’t tell him not to, and it wasn’t a lawful police command anyways. So that part of your argument is moot as well.

    “racial profiling” is a cry liberals use to make people forget their common sense. If something walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it gets a duck label unless you’re a democrat, in which case you aren’t allowed to place a label.

    Trayvon walked like a thug, talked like a thug, adopted “nigga” for his twitter account, and acted criminally on more than one occasion in school. You want me to ignore common sense and say he wasn’t headed for jail? Or the grave?

    Out of all of those black kids in jail, how many of them came from broken homes? THAT is what leads them to prison, NOT the color of their skin. You have to get past skin color and the victim mentality. But as a Democrat, you rely on racial division, don’t you?

  5. Hilarious response. I suppose from George’s car he could see Treyvon’s twitter name.

    Correction 1 – You can have a record, just not be convicted of certain types of charges.

    Correction 2 – Guns don’t kill people, the individuals that carry them do. If George didn’t associate with unsavory people or go to unsafe places, why would he need a gun? I’ve traveled to several countries and every continent, not once did I ever feel the need to shoot someone.

    Agreement 1 – It wasn’t a lawful command, just common sense advice from an employee of the sheriff’s office. Advice that would have led to an arrest had Treyvon committed any crime that George was so certain he was committing/going to commit.

    Correction 3 – Racial Profiling, profiling period, is a very real thing. If the people you speak of can lose common sense at the mere mention of 2 simple words – they are sheep that do not research and think for themselves so their common sense isn’t worth 2 cents.

    Questions – did George hear him speak, see his twitter, have knowledge of his academic/behavioral records? How did any of those things play into George’s perception of Treyvon? Was there any record of Treyvon stealing the Skittles he had as you portrayed?

    As for the grave – we are all headed there from the day we are born. Jail – that wasn’t a guarantee – just a statistical probability for a black male in the USA.

    Your comment that people end up in jail because they come from homes where both their parents are no longer together is rediculous and reveals how much googling you do for your research, as opposed to actual research.

    As for racial division – I have a Philipino brother in law and 2 white women have children with 2 of my brothers. None of my mother’s 10 children are dead or have criminal records – yet she was a single parent.

    I work internationally, so as long as my money is green I don’t care what color you are. And I am not a Democrat, I vote on issues, not affiliations. But as a Republican, real issues get the backseat while fluff rides shotgun, don’t they?

  6. You can write entire paragraphs yet not provide a single link for your assertions. Where’s your link about Zimmerman’s past? About Florida law allowing convictions and still being able to get a CCW? You can keep your head in the sand about ignoring the common sense people have as a result of God’s gift or aeons of evolution all you want at your own peril-

    But the facts in the case is that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman.

    Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman, knocking the man to the ground, jumping on top of him and slamming his head against the ground several times before the tables turned and Zimmerman shot him, the Orlando Sentinel is quoting law enforcement authorities as saying this afternoon.

    Martin, 17 and unarmed, was killed Feb. 26 in the altercation, after Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch captain, followed Martin through his Sanford, Fla., development, sizing him up as a criminal, and telling a 911 dispatcher as much.

    Zimmerman had a bloody nose, swollen lip and bloody cuts on the back of his head, according to police.

    Police have no evidence to say this was anything more than self defense. A Grand Jury will weigh in on the case next month and this might change. But Trayvon’s behavior that night is a direct result of the thuglife trail he was on. You can keep your head up your own ass on these obvious facts and observations all you want, or get a rope and join the liberal lynch mob going after Zimmerman.

  7. Since you believe anything the newspapers print and would like clarifying links, I’ve included some basic websites as to not stress your brain cells. After all, the media you say is responsible for dividing the country, is also the source of your excerpts posted. Not one assertion you have made was backed up by credible information, but its ok, people often shy away from real questions when they don’t have real answers.

    1. Gun laws: convicted felons can’t own firearms, every crime- violent or not- isn’t a felony. Here is a link about that.

    2. George’s past: He was violent and had a restraining order against him and attacked a cop. Here is one of many links about that.

    Unlike your responses, I actually read, digest, think, then RESPOND to the questions/comments presented during a debate. I thought I was actually going to have an intelligent difference of opinion with someone on an issue that is much deeper than Treyvon and George. This is obviously not the case.

    Just keep this in mind – no one knows how ignorant a person is until they open their mouth and prove it.

  8. You’re absurd. I’m no longer wasting brain cells on an individual that refuses to express well thought out and researched ideas.

    The reason you will not vote to re-elect President Obama is because you are a racist that thrives on the idea that somehow you are superior to others; the only gun control you believe in is one in which you can kill unarmed black children – regardless of your lack of self control and common sense; as for lynching – I’m sure you have a proudly displayed album of all the pics and articles you could find of people all across the country hanging as people cut off body parts as souvenirs.

    I hope for your sake that the paramedics that miraculously healed George’s broken nose on the scene (and cleaned him up so well) stick to his version of the story. I wonder what you would say if he actually was arrested and convicted of a crime??? Your head would probably burst with all the conspiracy theories on how they framed poor George.

    I hope you get a clue sooner than later.

  9. Of course, everyone who opposes Obama’s failed policies is a racist to you liberals. Democrats have long been the party of the racist- they bitterly clinged to slavery, they invented the KKK to terrorize blacks, they invented all of the Jim Crow laws and voted against every civil rights law introduced by Republicans to grant liberty to blacks. And Democrats invented the welfare state that keeps blacks enslaved to the voter plantation of the Democrat party. As a child of a single mom, I’m pretty sure you are familiar with those welfare benefits, right Shiri? And this also explains your twisted thinking about justice and your desire to see Zimmerman jailed or killed without trial.

  10. Actually, I’ve never been the recipient of welfare benefits, nor has any of my family….another misguided assumption rooted in your ignorance… Unlike the millions of americans that receive some type of assistance (yes that medicare your mom gets is part of welfare), my family has never sought a handout from the program they (and other taxpayers) fund. If you want to be insulting, you’re doing a dismal job.

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