Julian Assange and Wikileaks Abbetting Murder in the Name of “Openness”

Julian Assange and his misfit crew of hackers and leftists love to decry civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan as murder, yet they simply shrug their shoulders and smugly smirk, as Afghani citizens who helped soldiers, who had their names published in the latest Wikileaks classified document dump, are rounded up by the Taliban and beheaded.

From Jawa Report here:

The man who claims the accidental killing of civilians is “murderer” knowingly and intentionally publishes the names of those working against the Taliban. If mens rea — state of mind — is a necessary element for a crime to have occurred, then how could the accidental deaths of civilians in war ever be considered criminal? Yet the intentional facilitation of murder not be?

If the immoral fools on the Left want to see what war crimes really look like, they need look no further then the way the Taliban handles “murtad” “spies” and “traitors”.

This is what a real war crime looks like. And Julian Assange is guilty of facilitating them for his own anti-American paranoid fantasies.

One Wikileaks and Tor hacktivist, Jacob Applebaum just had his cellphones confiscated on his way to Defcon by agents looking into the massive Wikileaks exposure of stolen classified documents.

And the FBI is grilling family members, probable gay lovers and friends of Bradley Manning, the American traitor who handed the documents to Assange and Wikileaks.

Assange is going to get arrested and Wikileaks will be taken down. It is only a matter of time now.

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