Take That Black People: Obama to Ban Menthol Cigarettes

Of course, that will only mean that Barack Obama will have all of the delicious menthols for himself!

From the WaPo here:

Federal officials began grappling Tuesday with one of the thorniest issues surrounding the regulation of tobacco: whether to ban menthol, the most popular cigarette flavoring, which is smoked by millions of Americans blacks every day.

The issue carries great importance for public health advocates and tobacco executives. But it also has racial implications, since menthol cigarettes are overwhelmingly popular among African Americans.

A scientific advisory panel that will advise the Food and Drug Administration on regulating tobacco opened a two-day meeting Tuesday and began reviewing hundreds of published studies on menthol cigarettes. The panel, largely made up of scientists, physicians and public health experts, has a year to make a recommendation to the FDA on menthol cigarettes.

Menthol cigarettes are especially popular among young smokers. Middle-school students who smoke begin with menthol cigarettes, whose minty taste can mask the harshness of tobacco. About 75 percent of African American smokers use menthol brands.

Little Known Fact: The stinging sensation of the sharp husks of the cotton plant during hand-generated harvest is known to ease the urge to smoke mentholated cigarettes. The government definitely wants the blacks of the country to grow agriculture in urban areas, so drop the Newports, Salems and Kools and get back to picking cotton! Don’t worry. They’ll cover your medical benefits and food for you. Just like the old days. Swing low, sweet chariot!

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