Erin Marcove Does the World a Favor By Removing Herself From it

Erin Marcove never made a correct decision in her whole life, except for the one that ended her otherwise miserable string of bad decisions. That final decision was to kill herself. It was probably for the best. She was a 44 year old grandmother of a three year old boy. She deliberately fed this boy cookies made from marijuana butter that she cooked up on her own stovetop using supposed “medical marijuana.”

When she groggily came to the next morning at her customary noonish time, she checked to find out why her neglected three year old grandson wasn’t already awake trying to sustain itself on catfood or any other stale cheetos he could scavenge. Instead she found the toddler passed out from a marijuana overdose and she refused to take him to the hospital. While under investigation for child endangerment, she finally made the right call and “an hero’d” herself. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

From the Examiner here with much thanks to Red Alerts:

On the evening of Dec. 4, Erin Marcove made cookies for her 3-year-old grandson made with her favorite ingredient…Marijuana.

Marcove told police that she gave the boy the cookies which she made with “cannabis butter” around 10:30 p.m. The next day, she could not wake him.

The grandmother told investigators that when she awoke at noon, her grandson “was still sleeping, which was odd and she couldn’t get him to wake him up”

Hours later, Marcove placed the toddler in a cold shower, after he remained unresponsive. She then called the boy’s mother, but refused to call an ambulance for the child.

Once the boy’s mother arrived, she called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. He required treatment in an intensive care unit, and tested positive for THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

According to an arrest affidavit, police found a green jar of “suspected cannabis butter” in the refrigerator.

While still under investigation for the incident, Marcove committed suicide on Dec. 12.

Marcove was the Colorado president of “bitches to legalize marijuana” or some similar acronym. She claimed to have use pot medicinally her whole life for back problems, which is unusual because her state didn’t recognize the medicinal usage of the drug until recently. Which means she was using it illegally for years and was working to force society to allow her to continue to be a pot addict without reprisals or criminal action against her. Nice that it all worked out for her in the end.

No one can confuse a greenish foul smelling gel with butter. This bitch of a failure poisoned her own grandchild because she was a pot addict. As Rob Taylor like to call it, this victimless crime claims one more victim.

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  1. What an “id-jit”… We need to look on the bright side, though; one more tree hugging, wiccan, liberal renders themselves carbon neutral for the planet. Now if the rest wanted to REALLY save the planet, then they’d follow suit. Maybe someone needs to alert Cheryl Crowe to this new way to save the planet. She could follow her lead and we won’t have to Cheryl nag us about how many squares we use…

  2. You have NO idea who this woman was and for you to say these awful things about her makes me want to turn you in for slander! “Pat” and “Robb” quit bashing on people who like to help others she made a mistake, do you bash on the pharmacy for killing the grandson of the lady who had vicodin in her cabinet? Shut your mouth unless you have ALL of the fact fucker! You wanna “save” the planet quit spreading bullshit like this! You are all a bunch of retards who live in their own reality! Fuck off!

  3. Pharmacy? Grandson?? Lady?!?! WTF does that have to do with any of this?!?! Maybe you could use a hefty helping of some “marijuana butter”… I’m thinking a “coma dose” size helping might do you, and consequently, the rest of us some good… But please; rant on you little loon and I’ll make sure I have “…all of my fact fucker” straight. ROFLMAO

  4. a5280lady,

    I love it when people accuse me of not having any facts and then neglecting to provide any for themselves to set the record straight. And since you obviously don’t have a grasp of the legal system, slander is only a crime because it’s spoken. When its written down, its libel. And to prove it you have to show in court how I misrepresented the facts. I really fail to see how that would be possible. The facts as I’ve laid them out:

      Erin Marcove was a bitch.
      She almost murdered her grandson by poisoning him with a toxic substance
      She was a slacker and a welfare load who slept til noon.
      She neglected her grandson.
      She was a marijuana addict.
      She illegally used marijuana for years
      She was working to legalize her addiction.
      Her last decision to kill herself was the best she ever made.

    So when you go to hire a lawyer, make sure you take this list with you along with proof of your own how I am somehow making any of this up.

    And as always, thanks for visiting Belch.Com!

  5. WOW! That got you both all excited didn’t it!

    First, you have no right to judge anyone, let alone condemn them! You’re just pissed off because I called you out. You can’t die from marijuana….give me one recorded case of this shit. It has to be directly from marijuana use AND you can’t become addicted to marijuana.

    Ok, you called me on the libel thing but can you please tell me where you got your worthless information. In that entire list of bullshit I found almost two, the fact that she was working to legalize her “addiction” and marijuana has been illegal for years so yes who hasn’t been smoking it illegally.

    Why in the world would I hire a lawyer? And “Robb” read the post, figure it out!

  6. So are you suggesting Erin wasn’t stoned off her guord when she did the world a favor by killing herself? And marijuana is indeed addictive, and as you seem to be a pretty bad off stoner yourself, perhaps you should seek treatment for your own usage and the trauma in your life that is causing your usage.

  7. Wow Pat you sound like a Smart one! You are saying that because of a mistake that a human should die! I am thinking the biggest mistake in all of this is that your mom didn’t have an abortion, as you are living proof that they should be legal!
    Erin although she made a bad mistake was one of the most giving people I have had the opportunity to know. Her charity was felt in retirement homes and Hospices all over the state of Colorado. I know this as I donated to her causes on many occasions. She was able to help dying people with medicine and compassion when there were no other resources left for them. I would only hope that if I was in a dire strait, that I would have someone like Erin to help.
    About the best revenge I have for you pat is the knowledge that you have to wake up and be you own narrow minded self every day!

  8. Oldtowerhand… job,

    No one likes you. you’re going die alone.


    STFU. Erin was a dull stoner who put a child at risk… and that’s just what we’re aware of. Hitler did some good work with that Autobahn… That doesn’t make him a winner either…

  9. Mike, its really not hard to be smarter thn a stoner. And you also suffer from the inability to understand English. An accident or a mistake is when you lock your keys in the car, or forget to carry the one when filling out deposit forms at the bank (which I wouldn’t expect stoners to understand what its like to deposit paychecks).

    Deliberately poisoning your own grandchild with a putrid drug-laced fat is tantamount to attempted murder.

    Put down the bong and see the difference.

  10. OH semantics from a genies like you…LMAO! So are you sure you’re smarter than a stoner. I’m betting you aren’t even close to average IQ. Bet without google you couldn’t even form a thought of your own. Oh well I guess smart fuckers like you know more than the Doctors that make Marijuana a viable MEDECINE!!! How many kids have overdosed on booze asshat! yet I bet you still drink huh! However I have yet to see a constitutional amendment that condones the use of medical booze…lol.
    Oh well you need to get back up on your soapbox, and really put me in my place….Ya lets have all your wit now Pat. I know with both of the braincells you have left you can come up with some smartass reply.

  11. Still spelled “medicine” wrong. And I get the feeling you don’t know much about anything constitutional, just like you don’t know anything about MEDECINE.

    You know heavy marijuana use cause psychosis, right? But keep smoking the bong to make those voices in your head a little quieter.

    Erin Marcove was obviously delusional and crazed. She tried to poison her own grandson and then offed herself in what I’m sure is an unspectacular fashion. Proof positive that heavy pot use damages the brain functions and leads to death. I’m not sure what point YOU are trying to get across here by lashing out at me. I’m not the looney on drugs.

  12. The only point that you are helping me make is exactly what an IDIOT you are. But you already knew that!!
    What a TOOL! ROTFLMAO!

  13. I was so angry when I saw this. You never knew this lady and how she thought. I just hope to GOD that her sons never see what you have said about their mother. I knew her and she was a kind soul, You may disagree with what she was about but she never went out of her way to hurt anyone like you have done… KARMA is a bitch.. Good luck with that. My daughter told me to ignore you but I had to say something about a troubled soul that was hurting from a mistake. Erin I miss you every day and your husband, children, grandson & friends miss you everyday…..

  14. Purplehooters,

    You should have listened to your daughter. She sounds like the smarter one of the two of you. So you are saying that Karma is a bitch eh? Are you implying that something bad might happen to me because of what I have written?

    First of all I don’t believe in that buddhist bullshit. But since you do, it makes me giggle to think about Erin, who snuffed out her own life after poisoning her grandson. Karma dictates that she will be a dung beetle in her next incarnation for that horrifying actions and for staying stoned out of her mind her whole miserable welfare-cheating life.

    And as karma would also dictate, all of the bad things that happen to you are because you screwed up so badly in a previous incarnation, which means that not only was Erin a total crotchrot in this life, but was probably just as bad in her prior life too.

    Yep, Karma is a bitch. Hope it doesn’t rub off on those that think she was a “mistaken troubled soul.”

  15. Pat,
    Are you some kind of shock blogger or do you really have this much animosity towards people who choose to use cannabis? You may also be interested in checking out these links before you start claiming that cannabis is toxic.

    I could post more but I think you get the idea.

  16. Damien you lowlife stoner,

    Did you bother to Read the Article?
    Erin Marcove force-fed her toddler grandchild drug laced cookies and he almost died. And while normal adult usage of cannabis may not be toxic at measured doses, concentrated marijuana fat in the form of butter can kill a kid.

    The boy went to the intensive care unit. His Tox Screen came back positive for THC. It wasn’t a pharmacological screen. Its a screening for poisons that caused a toddler to lapse into a life-threatening stupor.

    All stoners live in a fantasy world believing that what they do doesn’t hurt anyone, not even themselves. Sounds like you live in that fantasy world too.

  17. Pat,

    Nice ad hominem, always a sure sign of an itellegent debate. It’s interesting to see how many assumptions you make. I won’t assume you know what they say about assumptions, but I can assure you, they say something.

    Since when is linking to peer reviewed scientific and medical journals (the links which you seem to have removed) that contradict what you’re saying make someone a “lowlife stoner”? It would be just as easy to infer that I am a professional in the scientific or medical field and happened to notice those articles while reading through my journals.

    I also like how you bold Tox Screen when there isn’t any mention of any kind of screen let alone any mention of a differentiation between a “Tox Screen” and a “pharmacological screen”. Please, enlighten me since you seem to know so much about these “poisons”, what is the LD50 of any chemical contained in cannabis? Monkeys have been given THC intravenously at a ratio of 92 mg/kg without any fatalities. Let’s assume that this lady used the best marijuana, which contains around 10% THC (a really high estimate, but possible). To even come close to the number that the monkeys were given, assuming she used the best marijuana, she would have to be able to concentrate a half ounce of raw material into the amount of butter it would’ve taken to make one cookie. That’s probably about a pound of the best grass around for the whole batch which would cost around $4k. I don’t care how much of a stupid stoner you are, you don’t make a $4,000 batch of pot cookies.

    I’m not sure which fantasy world you speak of either. Are you still talking about the scientific facts I posted that you removed?

    I do believe one of us is living in a fantasy world but I’m not so sure it’s me.

    p.s. Is posting links against your terms of service? If so I apologize for doing so but if not I would request that I would be able to post the links again. Thank you.

  18. You simply aren’t allowed to publish propaganda on my site. None of the links you provided were peer-reviewed accepted scientific fact. Merely publications. You still refuse to look at this as a child abuse post. Stop trying to defend marijuana usage by lifelong addicts. She overdosed her toddler grandchild on purpose with medical marijuana. Are you saying this didn’t happen? If so, that is the fantasy world you are living in.

    Gosh, I hate arguing with self-absorbed stoners. Its worse that explaining things to Asperger sufferers. Try to understand this, Dennis: this post is not about you!

  19. Oldtowerhand-job… You’re an idiot.
    Purplehooters… Well I doubt it; and you know what mean
    Damien… You need to quit reading High Times back issues

    Pat… Wow… It’s like you ended up having to drive the short bus to the county fair.

  20. I agree that what Ms. Marcove did was deplorable.

    I agree that smoking marijuana can be detrimental to a portion of the population.
    The fact is though, that what you’re saying about marijuana per se is untrue and that’s all I’m saying.

    It’s a shame that you don’t trust the readers of this blog enough to figure things out on their own. If what I posted was such ridiculous potpaganda then why not let it stand? Why not use them as examples of how absurd these scientist and doctors can get with their studies?

    I’m not sure if you care about the children of this country or not but if you do then it’s time to start telling the truth about these drugs instead of using draconian scare tactics. When children find out they’ve been lied to they become cynical and start wondering what else they’ve been lied to about.

  21. Robb,
    I was actually reading the Journal of Clinical Investigation (2005), Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. (2005), Neuroscience Letters. (2003), Journal of Neuroscience. (2001) and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (1998).

    You know, all the stoner mags. . .

  22. Well the articles were on pretty specific topics such as cannabioids inducing neurogenesis in the hippocampus so there wasn’t much picking to do as the journals weren’t addressing cannabis use on a holistic level.

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