Psycho Shoots a Wall at NOVA Community College

Jason Michael Hamilton is a rich white kid from Northern Virginia, and judging by his haircut and the fact he lived in his Mom’s basement, he was an Obama voter too. He brought a rifle to his Community College class to shoot his teacher but he murdered the wall instead. He probably won’t see the light of day until he’s 35 now.

From MSNBC here:

In a scene reminiscent of other school shootings, a Northern Virginia Community College teacher spotted a weapon and ducked to avoid gunfire. Students ran from the classroom building while others barricaded themselves inside, piling desks in front of doors.

This time, though, no one was hurt.

Police said Jason Michael Hamilton, 20, opened fire in a classroom Tuesday with a high-powered rifle, but did not hit anyone and surrendered peacefully in a hallway. He was later charged with attempted murder and discharging a firearm in a school zone and was being held without bond.

A neighbor described Hamilton as a loner who lived in his family’s basement in an affluent new subdivision near the school in Woodbridge.

Luckily no one was hurt, but where’s the police brutality when you need it?


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