Ted Kennedy Died of Swimmers Ear

Awwww. The senior senator of Massachusetts kicked the bucket tonight due to what is believed to be a lingering case of Swimmer’s Ear.

Ted Kennedy won the cancer race between him and the Lockerbie terrorist in their quest for death.  One had cancerous swimmers ear and the other had cancer of the ass.  The terrorist with the cancer of the ass is surprisingly still alive.

From the WaPo here:

Edward M. Kennedy, one of the most powerful and influential senators in American history and one of three brothers whose political triumphs and personal tragedies captivated the nation for decades, died at 77.

Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, was the last survivor of a privileged and charismatic family that in the 1960s dominated American politics and attracted worldwide attention. As heir through tragedy to his accomplished older brothers — President John F. Kennedy and Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.), both of whom were assassinated — Edward Kennedy became the patriarch of his clan and a towering figure in the U.S. Senate to a degree neither of his siblings had been.

So sad that the fat lush died of swimmers ear. Mary Jo Kopechne is finally resting in peace.

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One comment on “Ted Kennedy Died of Swimmers Ear
  1. As I was reading the list of names of those that had their say about Ted, I thought, too bad Mary Jo can’t have her say.
    There’s more, much more about this man that the MSM will never touch. His attempts to aid Russia during the cold war by giving them talking points, merely to oppose Reagan. Sick, wrong, typical Ted.

    The sorriest cowpoke in the bunkhouse, becomes an expert horseman and a great guy the moment he dies.

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