Packetsled CEO Threatens to Assassinate Trump

If you ever thought you had to be smart to be a CEO of a cybersecurity startup, you were wrong. Just look at Matt Harrigan of the packet capture company Packetsled. He took to social media the other night and detailed how he would go to Washington DC with a sniper rifle and kill President Elect Trump.


Of course his own friends on Facebook thought he was a scumbag shithead and gleefully told the world about Harrigan’s numbskullery. Packetsled’s board of directors immediately put him on “administrative leave.” They should go further in my opinion, and revoke his shares, fire him altoghether, and let him go smash windows with the other dolts that are participating in the #NotMyPresident riots.

From PJMedia here:

The security firm PacketSled announced on Sunday that it has put its CEO on administrative leave after he threatened to take out President-elect Donald Trump with a sniper rifle. PacketSled defines itself as “a disruptive security company focused on detection, response, and continuous monitoring of advanced threats.”

Ironically, some Trump supporters on Reddit caught PacketSled CEO Matt Harrigan making some fairly disturbing “advanced threats” of his own on the night of the election:

“I’m going to kill the president. Elect,” Harrigan declared on Facebook. When someone cautioned him about making comments that could attract the attention of the FBI or Secret Service, Harrigan said, “Bring it secret service.” When one of his buddies said “you just need to get high,” he went into disturbing detail about his plans.

“Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you, motherf*cker. I’ll find you.” Later on that night, he wrote in all caps, “IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS F*CK YOU AMERICA. SERIOUSLY. F*CK OFF.”

I think the Secret Service will be having a conversation with him. Also, Packetsled’s reputation is now in the shitter. Packetsled has pinned this tweet to their profile.

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