Neither Snow Nor Rain Nor Heat Nor Gloom of Night

DC postal workers are rejecting the Postman’s Motto. Too many unionized breaks and slow walking are forcing these government drones to work in the evening. Now they want to chuck the mail into the Potomac river or something.


From WTOP here:

Some postal workers say they’re tired of delivering mail in the dark, in fear for their own safety.

They held a rally and march in D.C. Monday night to demand changes, using call-and-response chants such as “What do we want? Safe delivery! When do we want it? Now!”

Valerie McCambry says letter carriers like her don’t receive their mail for the day as early as they used to, and they also have more addresses to deliver to than they had in the past.

The result, she says, is many postal workers still on the job long after the sun goes down.

Letter carrier Karen Nance told WTOP a fellow carrier recently got a scare while trying to deliver after dark.

“She walked up on the lady’s porch and she said, ‘You’re about to get shot if you don’t identify who you are.'”

Wah. More people are getting more mail because those welfare and food stamps have really picked up some pace in the district. These carriers are inept and lazy.

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