Maury Povich is Proud: Positive Preggers Tests Sold on Craigslist

Psycho sluts can be tricky. If they want to trap a man for a long term relationship, they can now start with Craigslist and purchase positive pregnancy tests. Then they can get the man to quietly pay for an abortion, or fake a miscarriage and tearfully demand that the man stick by them. Or something.


From PIX here:

Positive pregnancy test, 25 dollars!

That’s what one one ad on Craigslist says.

The reason for these positive pregnancy tests for sale is up for debate, but there seems to be a market for them online.

They’re for sale in New York, but we found, during a quick search, they’re also popular in cities like Houston, Texas where there are even more listings for them.

Women that have that desire to inject drama into their relationships now have a new tool in their kit.

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