Winner: Castro Cheats Millennial Prison Sentence- Suicide By Lulz

Crazed Cleveland kidnapper who received a thousand year prison sentence hanged himself in his prison cell a month after sentencing. Only liberals are upset about this monster escaping justice.


From the DailyMail here:

Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper who abducted, raped and tortured three women for a decade, was found hanged in his prison cell last night.
Castro, 53, was found about 9.20pm yesterday at Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio, just 33 days after he was handed down a 1,000 year prison term – a time Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight thought spelled the end of their nightmare.
His death no doubt comes as a slap in the face to his victims and their families, robbing them of the justice that had brought some form of closure to their ten-year nightmare.
Earlier this morning, friends of victim Gina de Jesus called Castro a ‘coward’ and said he took the easy way out. Her brother said today they were aware of what happened and were ‘doing OK’.
Castro was being housed alone in an isolation unit for his protection, where he would be checked every 30 minutes. Prison officials said he hanged himself with a sheet during a break between inspections.

I happen to think that all life sentenced inmates should be given the option to take Castro’s way out. In fact, every morning they should be greeted by the guards with “What?! You are still here?!” Funny, you never hear about liberals wanting to install Dr. Kervorkian’s suicide machine in the lunch rooms of prisons.


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