World Wildlife Servers Hacked; Panda PII Pwn3d

A hacker group called Darkweb Goons hacked the website of, home of the World Wildlife Federation, exposing 54,000 cleartext usernames, passwords, and email addresses. Also, the hackers exposed the creditcard numbers of most of the pandas in captivity.


From softpedia here:

A hacker collective called DarkWeb Goons, recently founded by a former member of the Grey Security group, has breached the official website of World Wildlife Foundation China (

The hackers have published a file containing the details or around 80,000 users, including email addresses, usernames, passwords and, in some cases, ICQ numbers.

The email addresses and login passwords of the site’s administrators have also been published.

CWN has analyzed the data leak and has found that over 54,000 of the records comprise email addresses and associated passwords in clear text.

Many of the email addresses are registered with Chinese providers such as Sina or QQ, but a few thousands belong to Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo customers.

Just kidding about the Pandas. They are pretty secure since they can’t type in their PIN numbers with those big fluffy paws. But loads of leftist do-gooder information was exposed. For the lulz, I’m sure.

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