Reason 115 to Homeschool: Black Principal Won’t Force Your Kid to Stand for “Negro National Anthem”

Charleston West Virginia’s Capital High School Principal, Clinton Giles, forced students to stand quietly every Friday for the “Negro National Anthem” ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing.’ If students refused to participate, they were singled out for ridicule.

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Giles’ boss and the school board were called in to force Giles to change his school’s policy requiring students to stand during the song.

From the DailyMail here:

Capital High School is changing its policy so students will no longer be required to stand for the playing of the national anthem, pledge or anything else played over the loudspeaker during morning observances.

Principal Clinton Giles revised the policy Wednesday following an investigation by Mark Milam, assistant superintendent for Kanawha County high schools, and a conversation with Superintendent Ron Duerring.

Giles said he was “completely and totally exonerated” following the investigation, but the school is adding the words “or sit” to its policy regarding student participation during the Pledge of Allegiance.

The song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” embodies “the idea that everybody is somebody at Capital,” Giles told the Daily Mail. Every Friday it would be played over the school’s loudspeaker directly after the national anthem and pledge. Students were required to stand for all three.

This upset at least two students and one parent.

Kim Bailey is the mother of one student who chose not to stand. She said the song is considered the “African-American National Anthem” and it was disrespectful to make students stand for it.

Her son chose not to stand and was sent to the office several times because of his decision, she said. She also said Giles made statements over the loudspeaker about the situation that “ostracized” her son.

Liberals only want to play the National Anthem if they can editorialize it with their own agenda. This principal seems to be tap-dancing around his own policy to play the Negro National Anthem. Just stop playing the song and teach the kids. Why is that so difficult?

4 comments on “Reason 115 to Homeschool: Black Principal Won’t Force Your Kid to Stand for “Negro National Anthem”
  1. Contrary to what you make think I believe Mr. Giles actions are in align with his goal of teaching and inspiring young students of.color. Daily he witnesses young students of color with so much potential throw up their hands and give up on completing their education because they lack a sense of connection to the school and/or the Kanawha Valley. Every and I mean every student deserves the right to feel included in the school they.attend. And doing something on one Friday a week is no different from making the month of Feb. Black History month. The only problem with this ordeal is that he is a black man in a leadership role, post the 2012 elections and right now every Black man is on America’s most hated list. I pray that this Nation would with it’s heart issue and accept that this is a Nation of many races, creed and colors and it (sweet, sweet American) had better accept that! God bless us All, especially bass ackwards West Virginia!!!

  2. Mz. H,

    I love how you label blacks as “people of color” and insist that inclusion and diversity is more important in a black child’s life than math or english. Maybe that’s why so many blacks go to jail instead of graduating college?

    And after this country overwhelmingly re-elected a black man as president, how can you assert that a black principal is on an American hate list? If Giles concentrated on teaching students and not indoctrinating them into liberal ideology, no one would have anything to criticize him about.

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