Distraught Elizabeth Edwards Exposed Titless Chest to Democrat Presidential Candidate

John Edwards knows how to twist a knife. When the National Enquirer exposed Edwards’ illicit affair and lovechild in the national news, Cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards met her cheating husband’s private airplane at the hanger in Raleigh. She screamed at him and ripped off her shirt, bra, and prosthetic breasts to shame Edwards for his evil treatment of her.

From the DailyMail here:

A very upset Elizabeth Edwards confronted her husband at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on the morning that The National Enquirer published a story about the affair.

She stormed off and then collapsed in the parking lot, Reynolds said, and the aide and another staff member helped her into the bathroom of a private hangar.

After collecting herself, Elizabeth Edwards came back into the hangar, found her husband and began yelling. She then pulled off her shirt and bra, leaving herself bare-chested, Reynolds said.

‘You don’t see me any more,’ Reynolds quoted the wife as saying.

Elizabeth Edwards had a mastectomy to fight her cancer and shoving her bare chest in her cheating husband’s face was supposed to shame him into behaving properly. But he didn’t. Again, if Edwards had been a Republican, this would already be a made-for-TV movie with Valerie Burtonelli flashing her chest with her tits removed via the magic of CGI. But as a Democrat, no one will create a dramatization out of this apalling case.

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