Even the GSA Interns Had Luxury Trips

Being an intern is equivalent to being a modern day slave for the government. You are either working for free or damn near nothing, performing duties that regular salaried government employees are too lazy to do. And while it is nice that the interns get treated nicely, a week’s vacation in Palm Springs on the taxpayer’s dime is taking things way too far.

From the AP here:

Congressional interns often work out of storage areas or even in hallways, but the General Services Administration interns fared much better.

About 120 interns and 20 GSA executives attended a five-day conference for the interns in May 2010 at a Palm Springs, Calif., resort, according to information provided by the GSA inspector general to a House committee.

The executives used one of their tricks to get around a $71 daily expense allowance, by concocting an awards ceremony that included light refreshments, or finger food.
“And I estimated out of my mind that they spent $100 a person on finger food, and nobody had to deduct it off of their voucher,” the employee said.

“GSA has been spreading the taxpayers’ wealth, providing luxurious junkets not only for high-level executives but for its interns as well,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., chairman of the Transportation committee.

“Interns in congressional offices often work out of small storage areas or spaces cleared out in a hallway – they do not get sent to resorts and spas for a week on the taxpayers’ dime.”

Government bureaucrats who deliberately waste taxpayer money are more evil than TSA agents.

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