Byron Sonne Was Emailing Anarchists- Who Are Now Locked Up

Byron Sonne, a would-be anarchist and mad bomber of the G20 is still undergoing trial up in Toronto. See my previous posts for more background. An interesting tidbit of information gleaned from the good notes taken by Chris Olah mentions that the prosecution in the Byron Sonne case is still working on some evidence dealing with emails to now-convicted anarchists Leah Henderson and Amanda Hiscocks.

I can’t find what the content of those emails are other than Byron Sonne offering to monitor police radio channels to inform anarchists about locations of the police- but it is telling that the two primary ringleaders of the G20 Anarchy riots in Toronto were pals with Byron Sonne and were actively corresponding with him. So who are these jailed anarchists? Crazed Moonbats.

Leah Henderson is a fat troll who is serving a 10 month sentence after getting busted by undercover cops plotting violence and destruction during the G20.

At her sentencing she went on a leftist diatribe:

Henderson’s offence was “not even close” to constituting Charter-protected speech.

The court was packed with Henderson’s supporters, some of whom sniggered and made derogatory remarks as Mr. Miller spoke, prompting the judge to intervene at one point.

Henderson, 27, was also given a chance to address the court, saying she had been “deeply and profoundly affected” by her arrest and the ensuing process. In a brief statement later posted online, she rejected Canada’s legal system and decried “the distorted mirror that hides of the lies of capitalism.”

“The laws that govern our societies are not laws of community, or laws of consensus, they are laws of oppression. Laws that underpay and overwork mothers. That deport the poor and those of colour. Laws that rob Indigenous Nations of their traditions, their land, their childhoods. Laws that blame the unemployed and rewards those that get rich on their backs.”

And for these radical leftist beliefs, fat ugly bitches try to smash windows. And she’s not alone. Also corresponding with Sonne via email was this disgusting woman, Amanda Hiscocks, who is serving a 16 month stint in jail for her participation in encouraging violence during the G20. Her trial and sentencing were constantly disrupted by her cohorts

G20 protest ringleader Amanda Hiscocks says she has no respect for the legal system, and her supporters demonstrated that in spades Friday, throwing a Toronto courthouse into chaos for nearly two hours before the accused was jailed for 16 months.

Ms. Hiscocks, who pleaded guilty in November to counselling others to commit mischief and to obstruct police in the run-up to the 2010 world leaders’ summit, is among the last of the so-called G20 conspiracy group to be sentenced. Of the six who pleaded guilty to counselling offences, all have been sentenced except for ringleader Alex Hundert, whose case was adjourned until April.

Before Ms. Hiscocks was led away in handcuffs to begin serving her 16-month sentence she asked to address the court.

Her speech was a wide-ranging attack on the justice system, which she likened to the Ku Klux Klan while commenting on systemic racism and inequality in the courts.

“Your system is not about justice,” Ms. Hiscocks said.

Judge Budzinski, who repeatedly interjected during her address, suggested Ms. Hiscocks was hypocritical to denounce elitism while advocating a method of protest that violently invaded public space and silenced opposing views.

Lovely people. Maybe jail can cure the stupid. But these are Sonne’s pals, and the association with these anarchists is going to factor into the verdict.

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