Liberals Call Ultrasounds Before An Abortion Rape

Virginia passed a law that requires doctors performing abortions to accurately measure the age of the fetus because it is against the law to abort beyond 14 weeks. To do this you have to have an ultrasound, and a transvaginal one if the fetus is less than 10 weeks because it can’t show up on an external ultrasound. Liberals are running all over the country screaming that this requirement amounts to rape. Yet to liberals, abortions tickle, and that’s not rape at all. Buzzfeed was kind enough to provide a graphic of a transvaginal ultrasound:

Check out the ridiculous alarmism over at Buzzfeed:

Virginia Is For Lovers…And State Licensed Rapists

Virginia leaps backward to take first place with one of the most Big Brother draconian reproductive laws to date.

In Richmond, Virginia on Tuesday, the Republican controlled House passed the “Abortion: Informed Consent” bill 63-36. This follows the State Senate which already passed the bill on February 1st with a vote of 21-18.

The bill requires any woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy to undergo an ultrasound prior to the procedure. There is no opting out and whether or not the woman chose to view the fetus will be documented on her medical chart.

What the bill doesn’t say is that Virginia law, like many states, only performs abortions up to 14 weeks gestation.

For most women, this means before the state of Virginia will allow them to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, they will be forced undergo a transvaginal ultrasound since the fetus will be too small to view via pelvic ultrasound.

So, according to Virginia’s own laws, legislators will now be requiring women to undergo sexual assault as a medical procedure.

Such utter fear mongering. Since it is against the law to abort past a specific age, all abortions begin with an ultrasound anyways. Doctors have to confirm that a woman is truly pregnant and they like to avoid jail time by validating the age of the fetus. Putting this into law is actually better for women’s health, and it assists providers when it comes to liability for medical malpractice.

And if an ultrasound is rape, then abortion is murder. But if you are a woman pissed about this, its really because you are stupid.

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