Hippies in Santa Cruz

Ed at RightRant posted up this video that I thought I’d share. It features disgusting people from Santa Cruz, California. I’d call them hippies, but everyone in Santa Cruz is gross like this. They don’t bathe, they don’t mow the lawns or pave the roads or clean their ghastly beach. While surrounding communities enjoy growth and prosperity and increased property values, Santa Cruz is headed for a massive welfare compound of losers, looters and yes, hippies.

There you have it. Anarchists. Proud communists. Animal Rights nazis. “Zero Population Growth” zealots who want to abort babies by force at home and abroad. Vegans who climb barefooted into the orchards of the productive to eat the stolen fruit live from the vine. Yep, that is who these people are- lowlife thieves who demand that productive people give things to them because they have a “higher consciousness.”

And who knew that the soundtrack to communism would be a bad Phish rip-off?


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