Welcome to Lake Fail. Here’s Your Halo

Some GPSes are so out of date that entire lakes might be where it says a road should be. Some dumbasses from Senegal discovered this sad fact the hard way.

From Gizmodo here:

the device guided two men into a rural road that ended abruptly, causing the car to drop into an artificial lake, killing one of them.
According to Spanish newspaper El Mundo, a 37-yo Senegalese man died when his car fell into a lake near the town of Capilla, Badajoz. According to his companion—who survived the accident—the driver was following the GPS directions when the car fell into the water, sinking in just a few minutes.
Apparently, it was a very dark night in a bad rural road. The man was a foreigner who didn’t know the area. When he saw the end of the road, it was too late. He didn’t have time to stop the car.

Good thing that GPS came along after the Susan Smith case. That van full of kids could have been blamed on Hertz’s “EverLost” GPS system.

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