Villagers Bag Another Witch, Proves They Don’t Float

BelchSpeak offers a heartfelt “Way to go!” to the villagers in Uttar Pradesh for discovering a treacherous witch amongst them and tossing her in a well. Uttar Pradesh is on the border with Tibet, so you know these people are like, “way enlightened” so I’m sure they knew what they were doing.

From the DeccanHerald here:

A 65-year-old woman, who was accused of practising witchcraft, was thrashed and then thrown into a well by members of a family in Uttar Pradesh.

The woman, identified as Kaushalya Devi was fished out of the well by the villagers but she had died by then. According to reports, some people, all members of a family, suspected that Kaushalya Devi practised “withcraft.” They also suspected that she was behind the death of a little girl in the village a few days back.

On Saturday evening, one Dallu, his wife and another person allegedly caught hold of Kaushalya Devi and started thrashing her with lathis (sticks) and bricks. They later threw a profusely bleeding Kaushalya Devi into the village well.

I wouldn’t worry about the village’s well water. I’m sure these folk have advanced scientific methods to clean witch blood from the drinking water.


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