11 PM Music: Treadmill Trackstar – “I Belong to You”

Sometimes being a blogger has its perks. Like when musicians ship you CDs to listen to and the music turns out to be surprisingly fantastic. Heidi Carey is what is very rare in the Rock biz- she’s a cellist, and an exceptionally good one. She dropped me an email asking me to listen to her CD, titled “I Belong to Me” and write a review. The review will follow below. While you read it listen to “I Belong to You” by pressing play on the applet.

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The album is meant to be listened as a whole. A couple of songs stand well on their own such as the embedded one here, and it will likely be the biggest hit from this album. Other great songs is “Bus Went By” and “Euphoric” but there aren’t too many uptempo songs. Yet, taken as a whole, this album paints a mood and tells a story.

Maybe I’m partial to the sound because I also used to play the cello, but the sound of this instrument blends perfectly with Angelo Gianni’s outstanding vocals, creating a haunting harmony that weaves throughout the album.

The band describes itself as “an eclectic alt-noir-pop band that features a cellist and sounds like a concoction that is equal parts Wilco and Smashing Pumpkins, topped off with a dollop of Big Star.” But I think they sound like a mellow, sober, Oasis mixed with a little Jet, but with better musical ability.

The sound is awesome and the vocals are big. Download it from iTunes and check out their homepage here.



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