Flaming Gay-Married White Liberal Rapes Adopted 5 Year Old Black Boy

Meet Gay Associate Director of Duke University’s Global Health Policy, Frank Lombard. He and his gay partner, who live in a wealthy hippie commune in Durham, North Carolina, decided to adopt black children because, as liberals and queers, that’s what they think society should allow them to do.

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But there was a catch- Lombard was a child predator who only wanted the children so he could film himself having sex with them and sell their “sweet black asses” for sex to other perverts on the internet. As for Lombard’s gay husband/clueless lifepartner who supposedly knew nothing about Lombard anally raping their child? Who knows what he is up to now- probably doing research on gay divorce.

From the NewsObserver here:

Frank M. Lombard, the Duke University researcher accused of offering his adopted 5-year-old son for sex, awaits a trip to Washington, D.C., this week to face federal criminal charges.

He was locked in the Durham jail Saturday without bail. Lombard, 42, of 24 Indigo Creek Trail (check out the communal garden and the freakin’ teepee in the communal space!), performed sexual acts on his son and invited an undercover investigator online to fly to North Carolina and do the same.

Lombard owns the home with another man. The pair bought the home, which sits at the end of a narrow path lined with trees and multicolored homes, in May 2007, the records show. The co-owner has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Investigators seized two webcams, five computers and a sex toy, among other items, after searching his home. The 5-year-old and another child in the home were placed in protective custody.

Lombard is a health-disparities researcher who studies HIV/AIDS in the rural South. Lombard lived in Eno Commons, a co-housing community in north Durham, which emphasizes communal life.

Check out this pervert’s Amazon.Com wishlist here. It is full of mild gay porn focused on children and lots of liberal double-talk books like “What If All the Kids Are White?: Anti-bias Multicultural Education With Young Children And Families,” “The Anti-Racist Cookbook, Lifting the White Veil: An Exploration of White American Culture in a Multiracial Context,” “The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality,” and “Who Is White?: Latinos, Asians, And the New Black/nonblack Divide.”

Didn’t Duke University falsely accuse a bunch of white kids of raping a black woman?  Didn’t 88 professors sign a petition condemning the Duke Lacrosse players of being racist and rapists?  Well now you have a real white rapist, who was gay, and his kids were black, but you don’t see either of these facts in the newspaper.  And you won’t see anyone in the press or any Duke professors showing outrage over this. Because liberal values of being gay would override any ill intentions of being a degenerate racist rapist of little black children.

Thanks to Mike Adams at Townhall and Self Evident Truths.

Update: Eno Commons Cohousing Website is here. Under the FAQ about kids they sadly write that their stupid communal lifestyle is “paradise” for kids-

Paradise for Children

Children learn what they live. Our children are learning about independence, inter-dependence, diversity, ecology, consensus, and how to be good neighbors in a supportive community through their every day experiences. From the time they decide to participate at the age of two or three, children can help make some of the community rules. They clear their places at community meals, leave their shoes on all of our porches, run through the meadow (or more likely around Sam and Margaret’s yard) with their friends, get homework help from all of us, follow animal tracks through the woods, or choose to be alone.

If benadryl-induced ass-reamings is paradise, I would hate to hear how Eno Commons defines hell for children.

Update: Lombard’s gay lifepartner is Ken Shipp, an older man and registered pharmacist working for Duke University studying AIDS and HIV drug testing programs. If anyone in the home would know how to drug a child it would be this guy, but it is possible that he didn’t know about the abuse. Also, it turns out that Lombard was also active in a pro-gay church as a member of the vestry.

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6 comments on “Flaming Gay-Married White Liberal Rapes Adopted 5 Year Old Black Boy
  1. great way to generalize. like straigh people haven’t been molesting children of all genders since time immemorial. i generalize that you were born to rural parents, were the outcast in high school, haven’t read much despite your ‘PhD’, and never traveled internationally in the first class cabin except when you managed to get your company to pay for it.

  2. Generalize? I thought I was being rather specific. And also, let me get this straight- You are angry at ME? But racist gay rapists are tops in your book? Nice morals you have there.

  3. Wow, I guess wft is better than you ‘cuz he can afford his own first class ticket. There sure was a whole lot of generalization going on when the lacrosse players were being railroaded but now the press won’t touch this story and bloggers get called names for bringing it up. So when are the Duke student gonna hold the anti-racist, anti-rape candlelight vigil and protest? What?! There isn’t one?! How can that be?

  4. Gregory,
    Thanks. I had forgotten about the stupid candlelight vigil. Nope, won’t be one of those for a rapist racist gay associate liberal director. Those are just “good times” to a liberal.

  5. The sick thing is, I doubt this is all that uncommon. I took care of a boy who was adopted from eastern Europe (Russia I believe, though possibly Ukraine) for pretty much the exact same shit, only for A LOT longer (5 years at least, I never got all of his story, but it seemed like for 5-9 years). These kids lack anyone to look out for them, especcially if they are from a different country, and especcially if they get adopted by honest hardworking people, or at least people seen that way, so they are easy targets for sick people.

    What makes it even worse is 99% of homosexuals wanting to adopt a kid would never do this shit, but they will all be judged by this guys actions. I hope Bubba has fun with him.

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